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Home Efficiency: Solving the Energy Crisis One House at a Time

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You can hardly watch the news or read a newspaper without hearing something about the “energy crisis”. With so many opinions and proposals that have made headlines it’s hard to decipher what is real and what has been created for political or personal gain. Here, we’ll stick to the facts. When did all of this start? What could happen if …

Protecting Your Skin: A Comprehensive Guide to Avoiding Sunburn in Your Backyard Pool

Are Sun Shades Right For You?

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Why do people want to live in the “sun belt”? Is it the over 300 days a year of sunshine? Maybe it’s the warmth or they like to be tan. Maybe they have medical reasons. Whatever your reason to live in Arizona may be, we’re happy you’re here. Protect Your Investment Buying a house is usually the largest investment an …