Golf ball protection for windows in El Mirage, AZ

How to Protect Your Windows from Golf Ball Damage?

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We love golf as much as you do! Well maintained greens, neighbors with common interests, and safe neighborhoods are all great reasons to live on a golf course. There’s just the pesky stray balls to worry about. Are you tired of errant golf balls damaging your windows as much as we are? And it’s not just windows that show the effect of golf ball damage. Not anymore! With today’s options in window and home protection you can get color coordinated window screens, porch or even total home protection.


Nobody wants to wake up to a shattering window from stray golf balls. Scary! But that’s a real concern when you choose to live in a golf course community. We can help stop or at least slow the golf balls so the chances of glass shattering are much lower. CC Sunscreens provides window screening material that matches the exterior of your home, doesn’t block the sunlight that you love so much and is easily mounted straight to your window frames. Easy open, dual pane windows are absolutely beautiful from the inside and the outside of your home. Protect them with durable screening options. Our advisors will help you select the color that best matches your home and personal style. Considering the cost of repairing broken glass, these protective screens will practically pay for themselves.


Often people ask if there are any options to protect second story windows or windows that are an odd shape or size. The answer is a resounding yes! Each golf ball protection screen can be custom made to fit angled or even circular windows and our expert installation team can professionally install protective screening on every window regardless of height. These golf ball screens can also offer the added benefit of blocking some the the harsh UV rays that come through to fade or ruin your furniture and cause irritating glares on your television. This makes screening those upstairs bedroom windows an even better investment! Please call us with any questions specific to your house or window shapes.


You and your family might decide that you’re tired of having the stucco treatment on the exterior of your home peppered with golf ball damage. We don’t blame you! Consider the installation of a stand alone screen frame. This option allows us to erect a strong, windproof frame and secure our state-of-the-art protection screening to keep that entire section of your home safe from the effects of golf balls. No more keeping your children indoors during peak golf times. The next time you hear someone yell “Fore”, you can rest assured that your family is safe while out on the porch.

Saving your windows from golf ball damage and protecting the exterior of your home doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Don’t give up the game you love or the neighbors who share your passion for golf. Call CC Sunscreens for a free, written estimate and take care of the back section of your golf course home!

At CC Sunscreens, we offer the highest quality golf ball screens in Arizona. Our experienced and friendly team can serve those throughout Phoenix, West Valley, East Valley, Sun City and more. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!