Textilene Fabric Colors

To ensure that your sunscreens are durable and easy to maintain, we use top-of-the-line Textilene fabric to build your custom sun protection. Textilene leads the industry in UV blocking textiles that can stand up to Arizona’s punishing sun. At CC Sunscreens, we’ve found Textilene to have unparalleled performance and it comes in a great selection of colors to make personalizing the style of your project a breeze.

What Is Textilene?

Textilene was developed to withstand the sun’s UV radiation which can easily deteriorate lesser fabrics. Developed by the Twitchell Corporation, Textilene offers multi-level durability. First, individual strands of polyester are coated in a protective PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) sheath. Once the sheathed polyester is heat-set, it is tightly woven and laminated for further stability and performance. Textilene’s PVC coating incorporates compounds that block heat transfer as well as biocides that reduce the risk of mold and mildew developing on the exterior fabric.

Ripped Old Patio Door Screen

For hard-working and strong-performing exterior fabric, Textilene is our go-to solution. We offer our customers a choice between Textilene 80 and Textilene 90 fabrics in a spectrum of shades for custom sun and patio screens. Both Textilene 80 and 90 are long-lasting and heat blocking options, with the Textilene 80 line blocking 80% of UV rays and Textilene 90 blocking 90% for even more protection.

Textilene is a great choice for your sunscreens and patio shades, but that’s just the start of its practical uses. Next time you shop for outdoor furniture and textiles, we suggest you look for Textilene by name - Twitchell Corporation manufactures special Textilene fabrics specifically to meet the challenges of outdoor upholstery and deliver long-lasting style and comfort.

Easy to Maintain

Using Textilene also means that your sunscreens and patio shades will be simple to maintain while making your home more energy efficient and comfortable. To keep your sunscreens looking and functioning their best, just gently hose down your sunscreens on a regular basis to remove any dust or dirt, we recommend cleaning your sunscreens once a month. Once your sunscreens and other Textilene shades are washed, you can allow them to air-dry, because of the biocide coating, your new sunscreens resist mold and mildew.

We love our Arizona weather, but we know your sunscreens will sometimes be put to a test. Be sure to give your Textilene screens a wash after any major dust storms or summer monsoons to remove unwanted dust and debris.

While simple hose-downs with water is enough to care for your sunscreens throughout their life, you can also use soap for a more thorough cleaning. Once screens are wetted with your hose, apply soapy water with a soft bristle brush. Don’t use harsh or gritty cleaners on your Textilene, a gentle, natural soap will work best.

Energy Efficiency and Textilene

We’ve already mentioned that Textilene is designed with a coating that specifically blocks heat transfer - but did you know that means 48% of the sun’s heat is stopped from entering your home? Better still, that translates to big savings on your energy bill. On average, our customers see their utility expenses decrease by 25% after they’ve installed Textilene sunscreens.

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If that isn’t reason enough, your custom Textilene sunscreens will eliminate 80-90% of UV rays from entering your home and damaging your possessions. Harmful UV can damage paper, fabric, leather and food and well as deteriorating wood and fading paint. Protecting your home while adding to its comfort is the smart choice and adds to the beauty and functionality of your space.

Using sunscreens on your windows won’t block your view outside, in fact, outdoor views are often improved because glare is eliminated. Textilene also creates privacy for your windows - you can easily see out while others can’t see in.

Custom Options

At CC Sunscreens we give you a selection of options to ensure your sunscreens and patio shades are as beautiful as they are functional. Our palette of Textilene colors can be mixed and matched with our framing options to suit your home’s unique style and even add some flair. You can get creative, and we’re happy to help you find the right combination for your home.

When you’re ready to experience the comfort that Textilene sunscreens can offer, give CC Sunscreens a call. Our beautiful, durable sunscreens have all the advantages of Textilene heat and UV blocking design and are custom built to fit your home or business.

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