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Did you know that in addition to custom sunscreens for your home or patio, CC Sunscreens can also build custom sliding screen doors for your home? We can! Our doors offer the same durability and craftsmanship that come with our whole family of products, and our custom designs give you control over finding the perfect style for your home. We offer traditional sliding screen doors as well as sliding doors fitted with our Textiline sunscreen fabric, for added comfort and functionality.

Let Air in, Keep Heat Out With Our Sliding Screen Patio Door

When you live in Arizona, warm weather and bright sun are never far away. That’s where sliding doors can be the perfect option for your patio or yard. Sliding patio screen doors have a minimal footprint on your home while adding loads of comfort. Screen doors let in air while keeping insects and other critters out of your home. Anyone who has been unpleasantly surprised to find a desert scorpion skittering across their floor knows the value in having a good boundary between your home’s interior and the outdoors.

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While standard screen doors offer fresh air alongside insect protection, we’re always encouraging our customers to consider sliding screen doors that double as sunscreens. Windows and large glazing like sliding doors are responsible for nearly half of your home’s heat gain and contribute to discomfort and energy inefficiency. The heat and light let in by large windows can extremely dampen the effectiveness of air conditioning and other cooling measures. To maximize the cooling effect of an open patio door, you’ll want sunscreens - they let the breeze in while keeping heat out.

Installing sunscreens throughout your home, but especially on large windows can greatly reduce your energy needs. Sunscreens block heat and harmful UV rays that can damage furniture, art and other features of your home like woodwork and textiles. Screen doors offer a great answer to passive cooling for your home, as they keep air circulating without added heat and UV penetration. For warm, mild days, screen doors fabricated as sunscreens are one of the best ways to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without taking on a burdensome energy bill.

Give Your Home a Screen Door Upgrade

Is your outdoor area underused? Installing a sliding patio screen door is a great idea for activating your whole property, making the outside feel more connected to your home’s interior. At CC Sunscreens we are all about finding passive energy solutions that make your home more efficient while being low maintenance. Sliding screen doors can provide a big boost to your home’s air circulation, all without adding a dime to your electric or gas bill. Combined with the efficiency of sunscreens against Arizona’s heat, and the savings really start to add up.

Our sliding screen doors and sliding sunscreen doors offer you a range of customizable features to ensure they blend in seamlessly with your home. We offer mix-and-match options for screens and frame color so you can custom design a sliding screen door that captures the look of your abode. We know that modern sliding doors come in a variety of designs and configurations. With our custom-built sliding screens, we can perfectly match your screen doors to your glass doors.

Keep it Cool & Comfortable

Think of a sliding screen door as the gateway to outdoor fun. From backyard barbeques and pool parties to gardening or just hanging out with friends, Arizona’s amazing climate lets you enjoy the outdoors practically year-round. Sliding screen doors let you merge the social activities of indoors and outdoors, without sacrificing the comfort of your home.

When it comes to handling doorways, sliding doors have appeared throughout history in many cultures and iterations. The architectural idea behind modern sliding doors probably originated in Japanese architectural traditions where sliding doors called “shoji” and have been evolving for centuries. In the United States, sliding doors didn’t become a popular option in home construction until durable designs were iterated at the start of the 20th century. After World War II, sliding doors found a new popularity in the States and today modern sliding doors can be found to compliment any style of home. Contemporary architecture takes full advantage of sleek sliding doors to elevate sweeping views and dramatic design.

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