All About Sliding Screen Door Replacements

We live in a beautiful desert with gorgeous unique plant life, wildlife, and spectacular light. If you are looking for an upgrade for your home, we recommend bringing the outside in by updating your sliding doors.

Sliding doors are a wonderful way to take advantage of your outdoor view without letting in the heat of summer, the cold of winter, the bugs, and the wind. Even the best sliding doors, like all things, do wear out over time and eventually need to be replaced. Our sliding door replacements are energy efficient, as well as beautiful, allowing optimal light to illuminate your home. Here are a few great reasons to update your sliding doors with CC Sunscreens.

Open Space Kitchen with Sliding Screen Door

Air Circulation

You aren’t always going to want to keep the inside out. If you are hosting a party, it’s always nice to have the doors open and the line between inside and out slightly blurred. Large sliding doors mean that you can open your house to the fresh spring breeze, or the golden sun of autumn. Particularly for homes with small windows, an investment in sliding doors can keep your home feeling fresh on the most beautiful days of the year. This is particularly a benefit in our Arizona climate, where letting in cool air in the morning and evening can be a reprieve for your AC unit, cooling your house naturally and closing it in with ease, for the hottest part of the day.

However, old screen doors can get warped over time from the hot sun causing them to stick. There is nothing worse than being at a party and having you and your guests struggle with a sticky sliding door. Our sliding door replacements utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your doors slide open with ease. Not only will it be incredibly smooth to open and close your doors, but our sliding door replacements also allow you to open your home to your beautiful backyard without a second thought, letting in the breeze at the coolest time of day.

Wider and Larger

Moving large items in and out of your home such as new furniture becomes much easier with sliding doors. Offering a larger opening than most traditional doors you won’t have to worry about how you are going to fit that king-sized mattress or extra-large sectional in your home. Avoid disassembling legs off tables or hinges off that beautiful but extra-large armoire. A replacement screen door can create a wider opening than ever before making it easier to come and go.

Energy Efficient

A sliding door is an affordable way to improve the feel of your home, making it feel larger with a minimal investment. However, even if your home is spacious, you can enjoy more open space and room for your eyes to rest. The elimination of a swinging door can make a space seem more modern, streamlined, and open. However, You won’t only make your home appear larger, but you will also save on your heating and cooling bill.

An upgrade on your screen doors can help hold the cool of the AC in the summer and the heat in for those cold desert days. Enjoy the difference with our properly insulated replacement sliding doors. When you walk by one of our doors on a hot day, you may barely notice, with insulative options such as double and triple-insulated glass. Another popular option is UV treatment on your sliding door, allowing you the security of knowing that your home is filled with light while simultaneously protecting your furniture and carpeting from the degrading effects of the sun.

Sound Proofing

Do you live in a lively neighborhood? You may love it for the access to culture and entertainment but find yourself wishing for calm and quiet at the end of the day. While older sliding doors are famous for letting noise into your home due to poor insulation, newer sliding doors offer significant upgrades in soundproofing. Our replacement sliding doors provide an improved sound reduction for those of us who live next to busy streets or noisy neighbors. Enjoy the light and improved aesthetic while also finding peace and quiet when you want it.

Child Playing with Toy Car Near Sliding Screen Door

Enjoy Patio Sliding Doors Today

Are you ready for an upgrade on your sliding door? Our sliding doors offer more light space and joy into your home. If you have been thinking about an affordable upgrade to your home to bring the beauty of the outdoors closer to the inside, then it may be time to replace your sliding doors. To find out more about our sliding door replacement options, contact us for a free estimate.