CC Sunscreens - How To Clean Solar Screens

How To Clean Solar Screens

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If you’re wondering how to clean your solar screens – congratulations! This means you have most likely installed sun screens on your home’s windows or are at least beginning to collect information. Solar screens are an excellent investment in your home, possessions, family and wallet. As if this weren’t enough, solar screens are also a great way to help protect …

CC Sunscreens - Most Fascinating Facts About the Sun

25 Most Fascinating Facts About the Sun

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For the second summer in a row here in Arizona, we’ve seen record highs – and we’re only just beginning summer. Since it’s on all our minds anyway, we decided to compile a list of the 25 most fascinating facts about our favorite star: The Sun! (Facts 1-8 found on, facts 9-17 found at, facts 18-25 found at …

CC Sunscreens -Top 3 Activities to Keep Your Cool This Summer in Phoenix

Top 3 Best Activities to Stay Cool This Summer

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It’s only late June, and already we are hitting record highs on the thermostat. If the kids are sick of doing arts and crafts, making forts, and playing indoor games – you’ve come to the right place. We understand that trying to fill the long summer days in Phoenix can be a task. Especially when even the deepest home pool …

CC Sunscreens - 13 Window Treatment Ideas Under $13

13 Window Treatment Ideas Under $13

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At CC Sunscreens, we absolutely love all things window. We’ve talked a lot about windows on our blog and throughout our website, covering fun facts about windows, the history of window screens, and of course inform you about the benefits of protective solar screens for your windows! We not only care about windows and patios, we also care about saving …


4 Tips on How to Plant a Desert Garden

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While breathtakingly beautiful, Arizona scenery is not known for it’s lush green plants and gardens. So much so that more and more Arizonians are choosing Astroturf or rock landscaping over genuine grass in their front and back yards. Just because our summers are hot and our landscape is desert, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beautiful garden here in Arizona. …

CC Sunscreens - The History of Air Conditioning, Part 2

The History of Air Conditioning – Part Two

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In our last post, we explored some of the most effective ancient air conditioning techniques, and learned about how a happy accident in a publishing company led to the modern invention of air conditioners. We explored the first time air conditioners were used in public spaces and when they became commonplace for communal spaces. Today, we pick up in 1929, …

CC Sunscreens - The History of Air Conditioning

The History of Air Conditioning – Part One

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As Arizonans, most of us cannot imagine living in our beautiful state without air conditioning. We all understand the how truly wonderful it feels when it finally kicks in on our commute (usually about 5 minutes before we arrive to work) and the glorious feeling of the cool air when we walk into a grocery store on a hot summer …