Holiday Skin Care Gifts for Desert Living

Holiday Skin Care Gifts for Desert Living

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You may have lived in the desert a long time and this means you’ve probably found some real hacks to keeping your skin moisturized and protected.  This dry climate and intense sun mean it’s time to get serious about skin health and sun protection. Now that the holidays are just around the corner, it’s a great time to share some …

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Celebrating Autumn Blooms in the Sonoran Desert

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If you are new to the beautiful and lush environment of the Sonoran Desert, then it’s common to mistake it for having only two seasons: winter and summer. We all know the Summer can be unbearably hot while the Winter can be mostly clear, ranging from cool to warm; with occasional cold rains coming from the northwest. However, the longer …

Sun Protection Tips for Autumn Adventures in the Desert

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Fall is finally here, and this means the days are growing just a little cooler and we are finally getting a break from the dramatic roar of end of summer monsoons. While the drop in temperature, which once ranged from 105 to 118-degree Fahrenheit to the mid 90’s and gradually dropping to the moderate mid 70’s, many mistake this as …

Exploring Beautiful Arizona in September

Exploring Beautiful Arizona in September

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For those of us who live here, we know that Arizona is more than just a hot desert in the Southwest. There are so many microclimates and landscapes to explore. Along with the heat, the mountains and the expansive landscape are a state filled with natural wonders, charming cities, and lively people. With surprising lakes, majestic mountains, expensive desserts, waterfalls, …