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Myths About Sun Exposure

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Spring is in full swing and before things get scorching hot out here in the Sonoran, it’s that fine time to get out and enjoy the sun. The media is full of perfectly tan movie stars and celebrities but be mindful to think twice before trying this at home. The sun is powerful. It not only heats our world and …

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Finding the Right Indoor Plants for Desert Your Home

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Finding the Right Indoor Plants for Dessert Your Home It’s starting to get hotter outside and while the east is getting outside more, we are looking forward to running our air conditioning more and ducking out and away from the hot sun. However, just because we are spending time inside doesn’t mean we want to be cut off from nature. …

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Common Misunderstanding About Sun Exposure

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Common Misunderstanding About Sun Exposure The heat is picking up as we are setting into Spring here in the Sonoran Desert. With the Spring rains come a rare instance of color across our rocky landscape with surprise blooms amongst the normally brown and red rocks of our desert home. The highs are still cool enough most days to spend plenty …

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Sun Protection Tips for Autumn Adventures in the Desert

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Fall is finally here, and this means the days are growing just a little cooler and we are finally getting a break from the dramatic roar of end of summer monsoons. While the drop in temperature, which once ranged from 105 to 118-degree Fahrenheit to the mid 90’s and gradually dropping to the moderate mid 70’s, many mistake this as …

Summer Sun Skincare Tips

Summer Sun Skincare Tips

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Summer is here and while the rest of the country is enjoying pool days and outdoor adventures a lot of us who live in the Phoenix area choose to stay in as much as possible to avoid the unforgiving hot sun. The days are long, and the sun is hot and if we aren’t careful, can all too quickly cause …

Sunscreens Can Help Keep Your Home Cool

Sunscreens Can Help Keep Your Home Cool

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Here at CC Sunscreens we’re proud of what we do. We provide custom sunscreen fabrication and installation for Central Arizona, and there’s no time of year like one of the hottest summers on record for showing us just how helpful sunscreens can be.  What Are Sunscreens? Arizona’s summer sun can be punishing, heating up your home and driving up your …