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Home Improvements for your Desert Home

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The new year is right around the corner and for many, this means it’s time to make some commitments to better your life. Beyond committing to a regular exercise routine, connecting more with family, and improving your diet, an investment in your home is one that will not only add to your daily comfort, but can cut down on your …

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Is it Time to Update Your Window Screens?

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When thinking about home renovation, visions of granite countertops or kitchen backsplashes might dance through your head, however, replacing your outdated window screens might prove to be a more cost-effective and important renovation. In general, home improvements make your living space more enjoyable and increase your property value when you go to sell your home. We’ve compiled a list of …

Brexit Could Be Good News for Arizona Real Estate Markets

Brexit Could Be Good News for Arizona Real Estate Markets

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What’s Brexit? In case you haven’t heard, on June 23rd, a referendum was held in the United Kingdom asking citizens to vote on whether the country should exit or remain in the European Union (EU). Shockingly, Britons voted to leave the EU. Unsurprisingly, this immediately threw global markets into turmoil, as the uncertainty of the decision made international investors more …

Best Patio Cushions for the Arizona Sun

Which Patio Furniture is Best in Arizona Sun: The Cushions

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Which Cushions are Best in the Sun? In a recent blog post, we discussed the pros and cons of various patio furniture materials in regards to withstanding our extreme Arizona weather. While the furniture base is extremely important, the cushions and pillows we place on top of them take an even greater beating from our Arizona weather. When cushions rip …

Select Sunscreen for Summer

How to Select a Sunscreen for Summer

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Temperatures have been soaring for weeks, the kids are out of school, and the bikinis are coming out. While most Arizonians are relatively sun-savvy and wear sunscreen regularly, you might not know that not all sunscreen brands or types are equally effective, even if they show the same SPF level. Some sunscreens even contain harmful additives and chemicals. We’ve compiled …

Current Real Estate Market Trends in Arizona

Current Real Estate Market Trends in Arizona

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The Who, What, and Where of Current Real Estate Market Trends Good news for the Arizona real estate market. Recent trends suggest the dramatic crash that is all too familiar for many Phoenicians seems to be behind us. Although Tom Ruff, top Arizona Housing Analyst for Information Market (owned by Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service, or ARMLS) called 2015 only …