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Ensuring the Durability of Your Patio Sunshades During Storms

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When you invest in patio sunshades, you envision relaxing moments and outdoor gatherings under the warm sun. However, storms can pose a threat to the longevity of your sunshades. It’s crucial to take proactive measures to protect your investment and ensure your patio remains a haven regardless of the weather. In this guide, we’ll explore effective ways to safeguard your …

Searching for the Next Solar Eclipses in the Desert

Searching for the Next Solar Eclipses in the Desert

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Have you ever experienced a solar eclipse? It’s rare but for almost anyone who has witnessed one, it can be a beautiful and rare occurrence. The next solar to look out for is not until October of 2023 and for us Arizonans, we will only get a partial view of one. However, if you are hungry to find out more …

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Myths About Sun Exposure

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Spring is in full swing and before things get scorching hot out here in the Sonoran, it’s that fine time to get out and enjoy the sun. The media is full of perfectly tan movie stars and celebrities but be mindful to think twice before trying this at home. The sun is powerful. It not only heats our world and …

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Tips for your Arizona Winter Food Garden

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Hello gardeners of all skill levels! Here in Phoenix, we have more heat, and longer growing seasons. This means our planting schedule differs from the general schedule for a great majority of the United States in the Midwest and East. For us desert dwellers, this can make it confusing to understand what to plant here and when. Fortunately, we have …

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Winter Skin Care for a Desert Environment.

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We are in the middle of winter here in the Phoenix area and though we don’t experience winter as the cold snowy environment of the east or high mountain altitudes, it can still be a difficult time for your skin. Even though the highs this time of year range from 66°F to 69°F, and rarely fall below 57°F, it still …

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Things to Do in Arizona in the Autumn

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Fall is officially here and now we are experiencing the end of hot days exceeding 100 °F and are starting to see the end of our powerful and remarkable thundering monsoon season. About now we are starting to feel the damp air turn hot and dry – the reason many of us came here in the first place. While the …

Hacks to Help You Keep Cool in the Desert Heat!

Hacks to Help You Keep Cool in the Desert Heat!

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So, summer is nearly at its end but that doesn’t mean the heat has let up. A lot of us are staying inside and keeping cool in the air conditioning or enjoying a cool drink under misters and shade at our favorite café. However, some of us just really need to get out into the elements, even when the heat …

Tips for Winterizing Your Desert Home

Tips for Winterizing Your Desert Home

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Here in Central Arizona, our winter weather is mild to the point where it can be downright delightful. With that in mind, it can surprise many homeowners that their Sonoran Desert home will need to be winterized. While we don’t have to deal with freezing ice and driving snow, winter still brings about a significant change in temperature and weather. …