Here at CC Sunscreens, what we offer is high-quality window Sun Screens and Patio Shades installed at a discounted price

Sun Screens, sometimes referred to as Solar Screens and Shade Screens, are the most efficient way to cool the inside of your home down and increase your comfort level in your home while also providing you with day time privacy. Sun Screens are also the most cost effective. With the reduced heat you will save money on your utility bills and the Sun Screens will pay for themselves within a year or two. Your local utility company suggest’s Sun Screens for your energy savings. We also provide you with a solution to make your outdoor living space more comfortable, while also enhancing your home’s beauty. Patio Shades come in 80% and 90% sun shading fabric. Blocking up to 90% of the sun’s abusive heat Patio Shades are a practical method. They allow you to enjoy your area while also preventing that annoying glare from the sun. They come in a variety of colors and you control when you want the Patio Shades up or down.
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Benefits of Sun Screens

  • Block up to ninety percent of the sun’s rays
  • Reduce the glare and harmful rays
  • Provide protection for your indoor furnishings
  • Provide daytime privacy without obstructing the view
  • Reduce the glare and harmful rays
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Flame resistant

Why Choose Us?

You have a lot of options when deciding who will install your sun screens and patio shades on your home. cc sunscreens is the right choice because we guarantee only top quality materials with unsurpassed durability at the most affordable prices. we are experienced professionals having been in business for over twenty years and we have a long list of recommendations because of it. you can check our A+ reviews out on the BBB website, Angieslist, and Yelp. with cc sunscreens you will not experience high pressure sales. just an honest reliable professional who wants to help you and who will listen to you and answer any questions you may have.
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