Anti-Golf Ball Screens

Arizona’s famous sunshine has made it the home of world-class golf courses. The Phoenix area alone boasts 200 golf courses and amazing weather for near-year-round tee times. Arizona golf courses are also often masterpieces of design, with gorgeous rolling hills and a bucolic natural setting. It isn’t any wonder why so many Arizonans find their dream home in the vicinity of a golf course. Many of today’s luxury homes boast their proximity to a golf course as a selling feature.

Unfortunately, the serenity of beautiful golf course views is interrupted the minute a high velocity projectile comes crashing through your large pane-glass window. If you live near a course, chances are you’ll encounter this issue over the lifespan of your home. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent golf ball damage: installing anti-golf ball screens from CC Sunscreens.

Stray Golf Balls: Who Is Liable?

You may be surprised to learn that in most cases, golfers and golf courses are not liable for home damage incurred by their stray golf balls. In Arizona, new homes built near an existing golf course as well as older homes newly purchased near an existing golf course have no legal recourse when their home is damaged by stray golf balls. That means the cost of repairs falls solely on the homeowner and the golf course is under no obligation to cover damages.

Expensive damages, especially cracked and broken windows can add up fast and has the potential to affect your home insurance rate. Window replacement costs average $500 with larger windows being significantly more expensive to replace. With this in mind, the functionality and practicality of anti-golf ball screens is probably sounding better and better.

anti-golf ball screens

Substance, Style and Savings

Installing anti-golf ball screens from CC Sunscreens means harnessing the multifunctional power of custom sunscreens and golf ball protection. CC Sunscreens has built our reputation on durable, stylish custom sunscreens that protect your home and belongings from harmful UV rays and excess heat. Our sunscreens passively block heat from entering your home, significantly reducing your energy bills. Sunscreens also prevent the sun’s powerful light from fading and damaging your possessions. Best of all, sunscreens shade and protect your home without obstructing your view, perfect if your home overlooks a gorgeous golf course.

installing the screen

Custom anti-golf ball screens from CC Sunscreens combine our dependable sun protection technology with additional protection from incoming golf balls. The taut surface of the screen is specially designed to deflect projectiles like golf balls protecting your windows, possessions and family members from sudden injury. Just like our sunscreens, our anti-golf ball screens are custom built to fit the needs of your home and available in a range of color and design options to align with your personal style.

Anti-golf ball screens are built to save you money on multiple fronts. While sun protection naturally drops your energy bills and extends the life of your belongings, deflecting golf balls saves you from large, unanticipated home repair bills and inflated home insurance costs. Protecting your windows from golf balls can also mean saving you belongings from damage. Imagine a golf ball flying straight into your new flat screen tv or shattering a treasured family heirloom. Most importantly, stray golf balls can hurt you and your loved ones.

Protect the People You Love

In the United States today there are 40,000 golf ball injuries reported annually. Generally, a fun and challenging sport, when golf balls go astray, they can become quite the health hazard. When the hard, fast projectile of a golf ball is headed off course it can be hard to detect and avoid. When a ball shatters a window the added hazard of flying glass is added to the potential for tragedy. Golf balls also travel with a velocity that can cause bodily harm significant bodily harm from severe bruising to a serious head injury.


Nothing is worth compromising the safety of those you love. Similarly, a great view of a beautiful golf course shouldn’t mean putting your belongings in the path of serious harm. Luckily, with anti-golf ball screens you gain the peace of mind that comes with securing your home against accidents. At CC Sunscreens, we see every day how our products can enhance your home, so when you find yourself within range of a driving range, it is time to give us a call and see what our special anti-golf ball screens can bring to your home!