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Things to Do in Arizona in the Autumn

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Fall is officially here and now we are experiencing the end of hot days exceeding 100 °F and are starting to see the end of our powerful and remarkable thundering monsoon season. About now we are starting to feel the damp air turn hot and dry – the reason many of us came here in the first place. While the weather stays much warmer than that of the autumn many of us are used to who grew up in the east, we can expect the temperatures to gradually drop – meaning it’s finally time to go out and explore so many of the best attributes of Arizona, without having to worry about baking in the sun. Expect the when the most beautiful and comfortable weather comes around and take advantage of it by getting out and exploring what this gorgeous and unique state has to offer.

Get Out and Go Hiking!
Arizona boasts a diverse climate. Whether you are ready to explore the Grand Canyon, the vast evergreen covered mountains near flagstaff, or the low desert surrounding phoenix, there is so much to explore now that the temperatures are starting to drop. It’s a great time to plan a camping trip in one of the many parks. For those who are not inclined for a full-on outdoor experience, there are so many hiking trails to explore

Ghost Hunt in Jerome
Jerome is located between Prescott and Sedona, once a thriving mining town, with history dating back as far as 1876 when vast amounts of copper were discovered. In its heyday, Jerome was the fourth largest town in the Arizona Territory, boasting a population of over 15,000, right out of an old western tale. However, once copper and gold was all completely mined, Jerome AZ became a ghost town- with only around 50 residents. Since then, Jerome has developed a reputation as ghost town and there are so many different modern-day tours you can take advantage of. For those who love history and the paranormal, you will find the fascinating tales of this town completely irresistible.
With Halloween, just around the corner what a great way to spend a day and then head on down to Sedona to further your exploration of the unknown by experiencing the mythical desert vortexes, many claim have healing properties.

Grand Canyon Railway
When people think of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is often one of the first places which pops up! There is a good reason for this. The Grand Canyon offers a wid array of options for tourists of all degrees of mobility issues. The jaw dropping views speak for themselves as some of the most impressive in the entire world. However, if you want to travel there in luxury and style try taking a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway. This heritage railroad will carry you from Williams, Arizona, all the way to the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. This time of year, you can celebrate the Autumn spirit with the whole family as this one-of-a-kind railroad transforms into a pumpkin patch train! After leaving Williams Station, the train takes a detour out into the countryside to bring its passengers to a hidden pumpkin patch where children can pick their very own pumpkin to take home!

Mount Lemmon
For those of us who grew up in the East of the country, this time of year can feel strange. It isn’t the typical cool sweater weather, providing a glorious and vibrant show of fall colors on all the surrounding trees. However, if you are craving a classic fall, swath of foliage, all you need to do is take a pilgrimage drive up Mount Lemmon. For those on their way to
Tucson, this beautiful mountain retreat is a break from the typical desert terrain. This is why Mount Lemon is often referred to as the “Island in the Sky.” As you ascend the mountain, the air will gradually grow crisp as your eyes feast on a seaming sea of yellow, orange, and red tree leaves as they begin to change during this time of year.

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