Preparing Your Desert Home for the Summer

Preparing Your Desert Home for the Summer

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The start of summer heat means that the annual migration of Phoenix Snowbirds is already underway. Our city’s intense climate is a relief to many in the winter, but a trial in the summertime. If you are packing up your house and heading north for the season, here are some things to consider. Power Down You don’t want your home …

Why Doesn't AZ Observe Daylight-Saving Time?

Why Doesn’t AZ Observe Daylight-Saving Time?

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Feels great to be back on Standard Time, doesn’t it? Oh wait – here in Arizona, we never left! While the rest of the nation time travelled last weekend to an hour in the past, Arizonans stayed the course, avoiding the kerfuffle of “falling back” only to “spring forward” six months later. This past Daylight Savings Time weekend marks the …

Harvest Season in the Desert

Harvest Season in the Desert

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Here in the desert things are a little different. If you ask anyone who grows fruits and vegetables in our dramatic climate, you’ll learn that gardening here takes some specialized know-how. Most common gardening advice isn’t made with the desert in mind and little of it can be directly applied to desert growing. It takes some well-considered planning, as well …

Surviving in the Sonoran Desert

Surviving in the Sonoran Desert

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Any desert dweller will tell you: our landscape is one of awe-inspiring beauty, but the desert extremes can also be astoundingly cruel. The Sonoran Desert has the dubious honor of being home to the United States’ hottest place and covers some of the most arid land in the United States. Add to the heat and lack of water severe drops …

3 of Ways to Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox

3 Ways to Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox

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September brings the changing of the seasons. In the desert, summer’s heat finally begins to dissipate as mild autumn weather reawakens the outdoors. What truly marks the arrival of fall is the autumnal equinox, one of two days each year that is comprised of equal parts day and night. While spring’s equinox signals winter’s retreat where plants begin to bloom, …