UV Rays are a Threat To Your Eyes

UV Rays are a Threat To Your Eyes

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Choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses isn’t just about the look. “Many consumers make sunglasses purchases based on style and comfort, but when choosing a pair of sunglasses, it’s vital to check the label to make sure lenses are UVA/UVB protective,” said Mike Daley, the CEO of The Vision Council. “By highlighting the cumulative and irreversible damage UV overexposure can …

5 Things You Didn't Know About the Winter Solstice

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Winter Solstice

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It seems like summer was just yesterday, but the shorter days and longer nights remind us of winter’s progress. Coming up this December is the Winter Solstice which marks the point in the year where the night is the longest, truly our darkest day. Observing the Solstice has been an aspect of many cultures from ancient times onward, and celebrated …

Holiday Events in the Sonoran Desert

Holiday Events in the Sonoran Desert

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Happy Holidays from CC Sunscreens! If you’re spending the holidays in Central Arizona, you know we have a unique way of bringing in the seasonal cheer. Our Southwestern winter features epic lighting displays, plenty of good music and even a little bit of snow. As you get ready to celebrate with your loved ones, here’s some great events to check …

Why Doesn't AZ Observe Daylight-Saving Time?

Why Doesn’t AZ Observe Daylight-Saving Time?

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Feels great to be back on Standard Time, doesn’t it? Oh wait – here in Arizona, we never left! While the rest of the nation time travelled last weekend to an hour in the past, Arizonans stayed the course, avoiding the kerfuffle of “falling back” only to “spring forward” six months later. This past Daylight Savings Time weekend marks the …

Ghost Towns of the Sonoran Desert

Ghost Towns of the Sonoran Desert

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Happy Halloween! October is the time for haunted houses and dressing up like ghouls and monsters. In Southern Arizona, it’s also the perfect time to visit some of our colorful history – ghost towns! Ghost towns exist across the country, but many are clustered in the Southwest where mining booms gave rise to short-lived frontier towns, many tucked along forgotten …