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Myths About Sun Exposure

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Spring is in full swing and before things get scorching hot out here in the Sonoran, it’s that fine time to get out and enjoy the sun. The media is full of perfectly tan movie stars and celebrities but be mindful to think twice before trying this at home. The sun is powerful. It not only heats our world and …

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Finding the Right Indoor Plants for Desert Your Home

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Finding the Right Indoor Plants for Dessert Your Home It’s starting to get hotter outside and while the east is getting outside more, we are looking forward to running our air conditioning more and ducking out and away from the hot sun. However, just because we are spending time inside doesn’t mean we want to be cut off from nature. …

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Common Misunderstanding About Sun Exposure

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Common Misunderstanding About Sun Exposure The heat is picking up as we are setting into Spring here in the Sonoran Desert. With the Spring rains come a rare instance of color across our rocky landscape with surprise blooms amongst the normally brown and red rocks of our desert home. The highs are still cool enough most days to spend plenty …

Understanding Our Sun

Understanding Our Sun

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Here at CC Sunscreens, our specialty is providing protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which are particularly powerful in this part of Arizona. Not only do our window screens and patio shades reduce solar gain on our patios and homes, but they block out 90 percent of the sun’s UV rays, reducing wear on our skin as well as …

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Home Maintenance Tips to Celebrate the Start of Spring

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Spring is finally here and now it’s time to start enjoying longer warmer days. For those of us used to living in this desert climate we know this is a great time of year to take advantage of getting out, and enjoying the surrounding nature, before the stifling heat starts to make it intolerable by May. It also is a …

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The Greenest Day in the Desert

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While out wandering around great expanses of rolling desert landscape, a patch of green is often referred to as an oasis. If you are looking for a patch of green, well then, look no further than this March 17th! Search out leprechaun’s gold at the end of the rainbow and wear green in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, coming up …

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Climbing Camelback Mountain

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One of the greatest benefits of living in the greater Phoenix area is the amazing landscape surrounding us. The Sonoran Desert offers amazing hikes through valleys and washes as well as jaw dropping views. If you are looking for a mountain hike and view that will truly stand out, we recommend Camelback mountain. Located just 20 minutes from downtown Phoenix, …

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Events to Look Out for In Phoenix this March!

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With the days starting to get longer again it’s time to start looking for things to do. If you are looking for fun things to do for a date or for the whole family, the good news is that we have you covered! We’ve compiled a whole list of events coming up and fun things to explore all next month! …

Summer Party Ideas for Your Patio

Searching for a Super Bloom!

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Out here in the desert we love the wide vistas of red rocks and brilliant sunsets. The desert is full of surprises with its red tinged earth tones and life despite the lack of water and stifling heat. However, in rare instances we are blessed with a super bloom and it is truly a sight to see. When we are …

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Romantic Places to Go on Valentine’s Day in Phoenix 

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Every February 14th we celebrate Valentine’s Day, with candy, flowers and gifts exchanged between loved ones. However, even when the February 15th inevitably rolls in, you don’t have to limit your love to just one day—make romance last all month long with these romantic spots right in the city limits. Desert Botanical Garden: Chihuly in the Desert What better way …