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Finding the Right Indoor Plants for Desert Your Home

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Finding the Right Indoor Plants for Dessert Your Home

It’s starting to get hotter outside and while the east is getting outside more, we are looking forward to running our air conditioning more and ducking out and away from the hot sun. However, just because we are spending time inside doesn’t mean we want to be cut off from nature. Indoor plants add green and style to your home as well as create a living environment, contributing to cleaner air and uplifted spirits. People find that plants in their living spaces not only reduce stress but create a connection to home as they rely on you for water, pruning, fertilization and care.

However, growing indoor plants out here in this hot dry environment offers a whole new learning curve. If you are new to the dessert or just starting your indoor plant collection, here are some tips for growing plants in your home.

Focusing on Humidity

While your philodendrons and sansevieria may have been low maintenance plants in your home on the east coast, they will require a bit more support in this dry climate. Adding humidity to the air is essential for most indoor house plants. Not only will running a humidifier day and night help keep your water loving plants strong and supple but you’ll most likely find that this will support your sinuses and dry skin as well.

Of course, you can always invest in succulents and cactuses which require less moisture in the air, for a lower maintenance experience. However, don’t make the mistake that they don’t need water at all. These plants like drying out but still need water every now and then.

If You Are a Pet Lover, Be Mindful of Your Plant Selection

Along with a small forest of plants who rely on you, you may also enjoy a pet for a sense of intimacy and interdependence.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that “studies have shown that the bond between people and their pets is linked to several health benefits, including: Decreased blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and symptoms of PTSD.” Unfortunately, some very popular house plants can be toxic for beloved cats or dogs. When you pick out plants do a quick google search to make sure that they won’t harm your beloved companions.

Don’t forget your vertical space.

If you have limited floor space, remember that lots of plants grow upward. With just a small pot, plants like golden pothos or spider plants will fill your walls with a sea of nourishing green, especially in rooms with indirect sunlight!

Mind your soil.

Many people underestimate the importance of soil health, but it’s perhaps one of the most important aspects to the robustness of your plants. In our dry climate, you will want to pick larger containers which hold a larger reservoir of water. Make sure to research which kind of fertilizer your plants love and add it regularly.

Choose wisely when it comes to light exposure.

Pay attention to the orientation of your windows in relation to the sun. Even with our powerful sun, if the window is north facing, it’s best to pay attention to what plants do better with indirect light and place them there. Meanwhile the sun through the window can be amplified by the glass of an open window. Even sun loving plants can get burnt when you are not vigilant and paying attention. The great thing about houseplants is you can move them easily, so pay attention and move them if they seem to get burnt. If you watch carefully, you’ll start to notice that your plants will tell you when they are most happy.

CC Sunscreens

While we are on the topic of sunlight and windows, we want to remind you that even through windows, harmful UV rays can penetrate the glass. This can cause premature aging to your skin, fade your furniture, degrade your flooring and raise the solar gain, causing your air conditioning unit to work harder than ever. That is why we recommend window shades on all your windows which directly hit the brunt of the sun. Contact us today for a consultation and to find out how window shades can improve the efficiency and safety in your home!

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