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4 Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

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Cheap & Easy Life Hacks to Beat-the-Heat – In Your Own Backyard!

As April comes to an end and we enter those infamous months where the temperatures continue to rise and the end of the school year is nigh, it’s time to start thinking about summer. You don’t have to go far from home to implement unique, cheap and easy life hacks to stay cool, even in our scorching weather. Although spraying yourself with a garden hose, taking a quick dip in a sparkling pool, spritzing yourself with a water bottle, and sipping a refreshing brew are all token standbys, this article is full of unique ways you may not have heard of to “keep your cool” this summer (without spending money or leaving your backyard).


Cool Down Beverages in 2 Minutes

There is nothing worse than gulping down a warm (or in Arizona’s case burning hot) can of soda or beer. Not only will it make for an interesting science experiment for the kids, this life hack really works. Simply put water, ice, and a couple tablespoons of cooking salt in a bowl or another container. Stick your warm (or hot) can inside, stir after about one minute and viola. In about two minutes you’ll have a delectably cold can of beer or soda to enjoy. Sure beats trying to remember to take the can out of the freezer before it explodes.


Make “Rice Packs”

While ice packs are sometimes used to cool oneself off in the summer, they can also lead to annoying dampness and melt extremely quickly. Cue looking even sweatier than you may already be. Put rice in a sock and leave in your freezer overnight. The rice pack will stay colder longer, won’t melt, and molds to your body perfectly. You can even make it a fun summer craft for the kids by adding decorations to create their own sock-puppet rice packs.


Freeze Aloe Vera

Although of course it is always best to wear lots of sunscreen and seek shade to avoid sunburns, they do sometimes happen. When they do, nothing is better than the soothing cool of Aloe Vera. Now imagine freezing cold cubes of aloe and you can almost feel the relief. Just squeeze store bought aloe or the gel from a backyard plant into an ice cube tray and pop it into the freezer before you go out to enjoy your day. If you do get burnt, rub the aloe ice cubes and allow them to melt on your skin as they cool your burn.


Do Some Yoga

Yoga is probably the last thing you think of as a cooling technique. However, this strategy has been used for centuries to help people tolerate the extreme summer heat. It’s called Sheetali Pranayama. Luckily, the name is a lot more complicated than the practice. Simply roll your tongue, and take a deep breath in through your mouth. Without exhaling, pull your tongue back in and close your mouth. Hold your breath for as long as you are comfortable. Then, tilt your head forward with your chin touching your neck and breath out slowly through your nose. Repeat as necessary.

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