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3 Reasons to Invest In Patio Sunshades

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We all love to take vacations and get away from the daily grind but when it comes down to it, there’s truly no place like home! It makes sense, then, that we would want to do everything we can to improve the living space in and out of our home. In the heat of Arizona, that means adding a patio shade to the backyard. Not only will a sunshade transform a regular patio into an attractive outdoor living space, but you’ll be able to spend more time at home and increase the market value of the house, should you ever want to sell it.

1) Transcend Your Walls

We all have busy lives and active kids. It seems like there’s never enough space of all of us and yet we want to be close. A great way to increase your livable space without the cost of an addition, is an outdoor living area. Think about it. An outdoor living room won’t be heavily taxed, provides another place to cook dinner and with a sunshade overhead and a small table, you can dine al’ fresco. Who needs the confines of walls? Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and spend some quality, unplugged time with your family.

2) How About a ‘Stay-Cation’?

Of course, getting out of town and away from the hustle and bustle is nice but what about the cost? Who is going to feed the dog? Check the mail? Pick up the newspaper? From a logistics standpoint, vacations are quite complicated. What if you simply add a sunshade to your backyard to increase your outdoor experience and stay home this summer? You have the convenience of your own bed to sleep in while still enjoying the great outdoors with the ones you love. When you’re not on “vacation”, the sunshade will still be there protecting the exterior of your home from the blazing sun and acting as a windbreak so you can still open the patio door.

3) Increase Your Home Value

Even though you’re extremely happy living in your city, in your neighborhood and in your house, home values still matter. Everyone wants to make home improvements at some point. They make existing space better and increase the value of your home. That’s exactly what a retractable sunshade on your home will do for you. The National Association of Realtors have stated that a patio is one of the Top 10 features that homebuyers are looking for. With a sunshade, you can make your home more marketable. The curb appeal that a sunshade provides is a huge selling point. So even if you never want or need to sell your home, it’s nice to know you’d be able to.

Let’s review shall we? An outdoor living space to cook, eat and enjoy your beautiful family, the ability (and desire) to spend more time at home and increasing the market value of your house all with one affordable patio sunshade. Make the call to CC Sunscreens and then invite over your friends for a backyard cook-out!