Creating the ultimate outdoor living space in El Mirage, AZ

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

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How is the Arizona summertime weather treating you? Yes, that’s what we thought. The sunshade that was installed on your back patio makes a world of difference in temperature out here, so that’s a plus. What now? You’ve got the patio space, the sunshade and two ragged chairs. That doesn’t exactly scream “Welcome to our backyard!” now does it. Here are a few easy and affordable steps you can take to make your backyard a more inviting place for family and friends to gather.

Misting System

Consider installing an easy to use misting system somewhere on your back patio. Ready-made versions of these are widely available at most home improvement stores and require just a few zip ties and a regular garden hose. This is a great option not only for the cooling effect it will offer but it also helps to keep the insects away from the misted areas. Caution: If you have small children or anyone that will be barefoot, be certain that cement doesn’t become wet enough to be a slip and fall hazard.

Container Gardening

Container garden creation is all the rage on Pintrest boards around the nation, and for good reason. This eco friendly way to grow anything from native plants to vegetables provides a hobby, some shade and maybe even food, all out of a simple pot. Put this method to good use on your back porch or deck to grow your own shade sources and block out some of the harmful sun rays before they chase you indoors. Boxwood trees, star magnolia and many types of fruit trees will grow into interesting focal points with little maintenance. Consider starting a container garden to frame your beautiful outdoor living area.

Thoughtful Furniture Arrangement

This is certainly not a lesson in the Chinese art of Feng Shui, but the two old patio chairs are not um…pretty. When considering patio furniture first have an idea of your needs. Do you host throw large parties and like to entertain often? If that’s the case, you’re going to need seating for at least 10 people outside. If, on the other hand, it’s just the two of you most of the time, a simple set up for 4 might meet your needs. The purchase of a small center table will create a focal point and give your guests an area to set down their drinks as well. Cluster patio chairs and loveseats together to encourage engaging conversations. If your budget permits, a chaise lounge by the pool is always a nice touch.

Using these cost effective and easy to install solutions will help you to create an outdoor oasis that neighbors and family will love to visit. Use this space as respite in the early mornings and later in the evenings for the maximum effectiveness. And most of all, enjoy your Arizona home and all the beauty that comes with it!

How are you beating the heat this summer? We’d love to hear.