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Home Efficiency: Solving the Energy Crisis One House at a Time

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You can hardly watch the news or read a newspaper without hearing something about the “energy crisis”. With so many opinions and proposals that have made headlines it’s hard to decipher what is real and what has been created for political or personal gain. Here, we’ll stick to the facts. When did all of this start? What could happen if you don’t act now? What can you do to help?

When Did the Energy Crisis Start?

As is the case with many crisis situations, the energy crisis is complex and it can be difficult to remember when and how it all started. We, as Americans were warned in a very public way in 1973 with the OPEC oil embargo, that something needed to change. Did we listen? Of course not. As former president and oilman George W. Bush stated in the State of the Union speech in 2006 “America is addicted to oil”. We can accurately broaden that addiction to include coal and gas. These three together as referred to as “fossil fuels.”

How Can This Affect You?

It can be easy to dismiss the political activity of countries on the other side of the planet, but that’s where 80% of our oil comes from. Oil is needed to run the equipment that mines coal and coal is what gives Arizona a large portion of residential electricity. That’s where things begin to hit home. In it’s simplest form, the energy crisis means that we don’t have enough resources to power everyone at the same time. While alternative energy sources have come leaps and bounds to resolve the problem, the fact remains that if we don’t act now we could literally run out of power. That means no refrigerator, no microwave and even worse no hairdryer. Shudder!

How Can You Help?

By saving electricity, that’s how. Now whether you save this electricity because you care about the environment or the energy crisis or you just want to save money, electricity is where to start. Making adjustments to your home to provide the maximum energy savings will provide a very real and measurable difference in your electric bill every month. That’s right, every single month you will continue to benefit from some beautiful modifications. Installing an awning on your home can provide an energy savings of over 50%! These numbers aren’t just fluff or speculation. They come from a study conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota. See? The addition of patio shades, an awning, some attractive sun shades and window tint can cut a huge chunk out of your energy bill.

Before you are overcome by the doom and gloom of the situation, take a step back and realize that you can do so much to help. Small changes in the way you run appliances and adding permanent window coverings to maximize the energy efficiency of your home will help the environment and your pocketbook! It will also give you bragging rights when you tell your friends all you’ve done to “Go Green”!

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