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Tips for Transforming Your House Into a Home

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You have a beautiful Phoenix house to call your own and you can’t wait to personalize everything just the way you want it. So where should you begin? Some people focus on the kitchen, some on the master bedroom, but we suggest the backyard. Think about it for a minute. Where will you send your children when running, playing and yelling is all they want to do? Where is your favorite place to lay out with a good book and catch some sun rays? And sipping a delicious glass of lemonade in the garage is just not the same as enjoying it on the back porch with friends. So it seems that the trick to transforming a house into the home of your family’s dreams is to start in the backyard.


If you were to ask your children what features they would want in their dream home you’ll likely get answers that range from “a Harry Potter Closet” to “a dungeon to trap my little brother” and definitely “a swing set to play on”. Local home improvement stores have an entire section dedicated to the endless swing set options to fit any budget. Starting with a base of rubber, gravel or good ol’ playground sand, the swing set will prove to be the most inviting space of all (unless you’re the little brother).


While the children have a special place just for them where running, jumping and moderate yelling are encouraged, it’s nice for the adults to have a place to congregate to chat about current events. Enter-the sitting area. With thoughtfully arranged furniture, a table for resting your book and possibly close to an outlet to charge your eReader, this is the place to relax and unwind. Utilizing some space under the sunshade will make this an area for you and your guests to enjoy all year.


Now this place doesn’t have to be anything fancy or super expensive. A plastic chaise lounge, a bench made out of old pallets or maybe even a yoga mat is all you need. The point is to have an outdoor space that you can spend five minutes a week to focus on breathing in the peace and love that your family brings you and breathe out the stress and fatigue of the modern lifestyle. Besides your side of the bed, this spot will be the place you can’t wait to go.


You can hardly scroll Pinterest these days without seeing the cute and creative ways that people are growing gardens in tiny spaces. With the addition of your patio sunshade, you can to! The problem for most in the Phoenix metro area are those three dreaded words on the back of most seed packets, “Partial Shade Required”. That isn’t an issue for you. A pot, some soil, a packet of seeds and water are all you need to grow some colorful flowers, or keep that bean plant that your son started in his classroom for years to come. In addition to providing the temperature control you need, the sunshade will provide an optimal amount of sun and shade for your plants. Go ahead, show off your green thumb.

Since you had the sunshade installed, the backyard has become a far more inviting space to make memories. Perhaps, those memories are truly what make a house a home.

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