Staying Cool in the Desert

Staying Cool in the Desert

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As Summer heats up, nobody feels it in quite the same way as us desert dwellers do! Arizona heat can be punishing, but knowing how to get cool and stay cool is critical to enjoying the season. Protecting yourself from the heat not only keeps you happy it protects your health from dehydration, heat exhaustion and skin damage. Here are a few tips for keeping cool during the height of summer.

Drink Water

Hydration is absolutely necessary for summer survival. The dry desert heat makes a big impact on your body and if you don’t stay hydrated the heat can even be deadly. Drink water throughout your day. If you are doing anything strenuous, always have water with you and drink 2-4  8oz glasses an hour while you are active. Replenish your body while you are resting too. Water needs to be your constant companion during hot summer months.

Know the signs of dehydration. Fatigue, headaches, dark colored urine, dry mouth and lightheadedness are all indicators that you are dehydrated. Take these signs seriously, even if they don’t feel like a “big deal” and drink water throughout the day, every day.

Wear a Hat

Creating a little personal shade for yourself can really help lower your body temperature during the summer months. Choose a hat style with a wide brim to maximize the shade it can offer your head, neck and upper body. Also, opt for light, bright materials that will reflect rather than capture heat. Straw hats are a great summer option for deflecting the sun’s rays. While baseball caps offer some protection for your face, they leave your neck and torso exposed

Choose a Light Wardrobe

Knowing how to dress for the heat can also make a world of difference during the summer. There are a few factors that go into a great heat-blocking garment.

When it comes to textiles, lightweight natural fibers like linen, cotton and silk will keep you the most comfortable, allowing air to circulate through the fabric and wicking sweat away from the body. Loose-fitting styles will also keep your body from absorbing sunlight directly and can help cool your body temperature. Light colored fabrics also work to keep heat away by reflecting most light. Dark colors absorb more light, making them hotter to wear.

Counter to intuition, wearing less is not necessarily the answer to dressing for summer. While shorts and tank tops naturally spring to mind, they expose a lot of skin to sunlight, which means our bodies absorb that heat directly. Full sleeves, long skirts and pants aren’t a bad decision if the fabric is chosen wisely. The protection they offer your body from direct sunlight helps regulate your body temperature.

Take More Breaks

If you are being exposed to summer’s heat, your body is going to need more rest than it usually does. Resting helps your body temperature stay stable and it conserves your energy. Frequent breaks are also a great chance to hydrate. If you are doing any physical activity in the sun, your body is going to need a minimum of a five-minute break every hour, but planning for more rest time, like short breaks every half hour, is the best idea. Staying cool in the summer is about protecting the core heat of your body, making sure you don’t overheat and rest breaks offer just the opportunity for your whole system to cool down and prevent heatstroke.

Made In the Shade

Always step into the shade when you can. The Arizona sun is relentless but shade provides quick, simple relief. Staying shaded helps prevent sun damage to your skin and eyes. It also provides a break from high temperatures. Even small amounts of shade can help you manage the summer sun, dropping the temperature and minimizing your body’s exposure to harmful UV rays.

At CC Sunscreens, we know the impact that shade can provide – it’s our business! Sunscreens offer a great solution for keeping homes and businesses cool and comfortable all summer long. Sunscreens are a green solution, acting passively to maintain your home’s climate and reducing your energy expenses. CC Sunscreens specializes in stylish, custom sunscreen installation that fits any home and budget. Ready to beat the heat? Connect with CC Sunscreens today!