Gardening in Arizona

Gardening in Arizona

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With spring in Arizona, the desert comes to life, which makes it a great time to get out and garden. During the Spring, the days are getting warmer, but the full heat of summer sun is still in the future. Planting in your garden now is a good way to create some cooling shade in the months to come. Desert …

Harvest Season in the Desert

Harvest Season in the Desert

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Here in the desert things are a little different. If you ask anyone who grows fruits and vegetables in our dramatic climate, you’ll learn that gardening here takes some specialized know-how. Most common gardening advice isn’t made with the desert in mind and little of it can be directly applied to desert growing. It takes some well-considered planning, as well …

Arizona's Wildest Weather Events

Arizona’s Wildest Weather Events

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Arizona is a land of extreme beauty, but alongside our gorgeous landscape comes weather that can run to dangerous extremes of its own. From fiery heat waves to sudden flash floods, Arizona weather has its share of unpredictability. Here are just a few of the notable weather events from Arizona’s history. When it comes to heat, it’s hard to surprise …

The Right Light: Plants & Windows

The Right Light: Plants & Windows

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Plants bring a breath of fresh air into your house – literally! Plants absorb our carbon dioxide and produce oxygen in return. Plants cheer up a place by adding texture and color. When bringing plants into your house, your best chance at success in keeping them alive and thriving depends on two major things: water and light. Here, we take …

This New Year, Resolve to Live Greener

This New Year, Resolve to Live Greener

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It’s hard to believe that New Year’s is just around the corner and 2017 will become a thing of the past in the very near future. New Year’s resolutions are always a fun topic amongst friends and family during this time of the year. It’s the time we make the decision to better ourselves: by eating healthier, working out more, …


4 Tips on How to Plant a Desert Garden

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While breathtakingly beautiful, Arizona scenery is not known for it’s lush green plants and gardens. So much so that more and more Arizonians are choosing Astroturf or rock landscaping over genuine grass in their front and back yards. Just because our summers are hot and our landscape is desert, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beautiful garden here in Arizona. …

CC Sunscreens - Make Green by Going Green

Make Green by Going Green

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Called Arizona’s Solar Energy Credit, this is a state financial incentive of personal tax credit set forth by the Arizona Department of Revenue. Any Arizona taxpayer who installs a qualified solar or wind energy device at their residence is eligible for the credit. Residents are able to use the credit against their taxable income in the amount of 25% of …