5 Ways to Keep Your Patio Cool This Summer

5 Ways to Keep Your Patio Cool This Summer

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Summer is starting to heat up in Central Arizona, but that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself inside with the AC blasting. If you set up your patio right, summer can still be a great time for outdoor fun and entertaining.

Go for A Sunscreen

A key component to outdoor fun in Arizona heat is access to shade. At CC Sunscreens, we happen to know just the thing. Custom sunscreens are a great way to block heat and create cooling shade areas. CC Sunscreens are made from durable materials that can withstand the punishing desert sun for long-lasting solutions. Sunscreens can create islands of shade on your patio, or protect sunporches and screened porches from overheating. Sunscreens don’t drive up your energy bill during peak usage season and they provide heat relief you can rely on. If you are looking to turn your backyard into an oasis this summer, installing attractive custom sunscreens is the best place to start.

Go Green

Sunscreens are a sustainable energy-smart solution, but when we say go green here, we mean landscape your space with shrubs, trees and plants. While many desert plants go dormant in the peak of summer, heat and drought tolerant trees and shrubs can thrive even with minimal watering and contribute to summer heat relief. Surround your outdoor space with plants that shade and cool the area.

Remember, large trees and plants are a long-term plan that pays off as the plants grow and fill in year after year. You’ll notice changes after just a few seasons as growth becomes larger and lusher. You can decorate your patio proper with an attractive container garden that contributes to air quality and privacy.

Mist Connections

When it comes to making the heat bearable, nothing offers quick refreshment like a spritz of cool mist. Just like misters make outdoor dining, shopping and sporting events more pleasurable in the summer heat, a mister installed on your home patio offers you a way to stay fresh outside during the summer. Running a mister while you are outside can make entertaining more pleasurable and relieves the exhaustion of dealing with intense heat.

Mist systems can be an affordable and efficient patio upgrade. Select a mister that is appropriate for your space. To conserve water and keep your energy bill down, just run a mister when you are using your outside space.

Try A Pergola

Pergolas are attractive slatted wooden structures that create beautiful, half-shaded open-air spaces. Adding a pergola to your patio creates an attractive and comfortable space for leisure. The sturdy frame and lattice of the pergola offer many creative options for decorating and lighting your outdoor patio space. Pergolas can become the focal point of a patio day or night with the right lighting. Combine your pergola with other shade boosting options for extra comfort and charm.

Pergolas are a great place to decorate with plants. Climbing vines can use the pergola as a trellis and add to cooling shade. Hanging planters benefit from the partial shade a sunscreen or pergola can provide to avoid the plant’s roots from overheating.

Use Shade Umbrellas

For quick and temporary heat relief, invest in shade umbrellas for your patio, pool and yard. In Arizona’s punishing heat, the patch of shade umbrellas provide can really make being outdoors more fun. To cope with the intense desert sun, try to find large shade umbrellas that you can angle.

Shade umbrellas positioned around the side of your pool can help keep the water cool and give swimmers a relief from direct sunlight. Cooking and eating outdoors helps keep the inside of your house cooler, but nobody wants to tend a grill under hot sunlight. Use umbrellas to enhance outdoor cooking and eating areas.

CC Sunscreens

There’s no doubt about it that Phoenix summers are HOT, but if you know how to, you can beat the heat. Like we said earlier, affordable and stylish sunscreens are a great way to block sunlight and create an attractive, comfortable patio year-round. Summer is the time you’ll feel the power of your new sunscreens the most, so drop us a line at CC Sunscreens and see what the best options for your space can be.