Key Features Found in Energy Efficient Homes

Key Features Found in Energy Efficient Homes

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“Going Green” isn’t just a trend, it can be a way of life. Earth’s temperature has risen by 0.14° F per decade since 1880, and the rate of warming over the past 40 years is more than twice that. Meanwhile effects which scientists have long predicted in the past due to global climate change are now occurring such as loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves. We are no stranger to heat waves in the desert and as temperature threaten to get hotter and weather more predictable, it’s important to do what we can to make our house as eco-friendly as possible. Energy efficiency should be your priority weather you are considering a new build or updating an existing house. Not only will this bump up your home’s value and save on your energy bill in the long run, it’s also about investing in the future of our planet. You’ll be creating a healthier living environment for you and your children while contributing in a small way to the global community. here are nine key features found in most energy efficient homes

Home insulation

If you live in a noisier neighborhood with street traffic than updating your insulation can make your home quieter and keep your heat and A/C cooling inside while saving you money in the long run. While fiberglass has long been the industry standard due to it’s affordable manufacturing cost, natural, formaldehyde-free materials make eco-friendly insulation products the best choice for an eco-healthy home. Many people enjoy using organic materials such as wool and cotton with no skin irritation which fiberglass causes while there is also no risk of harming the respiratory tract. Most wool and cotton insulation is made of recycled materials that would otherwise be sent to a landfill.

Window replacement

Old and drafty windows let solar heat in while letting the heat and cool from your HVAC system out. Investing in double pane, low emissivity (low-e) windows can also contribute to reduced noise pollution inside your home and a recuction of drafts all year long

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems work by absorbing sunlight and converting it into heat – which makes it perfect for your home in the desert where sunlight and heat are almost overabundant. With the use of a solar thermal heating system, you can take advantage of the sun’s free, abundant energy. Heating your home with a solar heating system can significantly reduce your winter fuel bills while heating acting as a hot water heater all year round.

Air Sealing 

Air sealing reduces drafts and heat loss by eliminating air leaks in the building around the chimney, plumbing penetrations, and recessed lights. Air sealing is typically done by using a large canister filled with polyurethane that expands when it contacts the air.

Solar Electric Panels 

One of the biggest trends in home energy conservation is investing in the conversion of the sun’s energy to electricity to power all the appliances in your home. Often in the desert, solar panels make enough power that you have more than you need! Enjoy reduced energy costs free of the use of fossil fuels contributing to carbon monoxide in the air.

CC Sunscreens

We are all aware of the fluctuating cost of heating and cooling your home. Anything you can do to reduce your bill saves your from these spiking rates while also helping to reduce your impact on the environment. Many home owners in the area have enjoyed the benefits of installing sunscreens on your windows to help to conserve energy and  lower your energy bill considerably. On average investing in CC Sunscreens can keep your home up to 15 degrees cooler by reducing the amount of solar heat on your home by 80% to 90% – and this is even before it even hits your window! CC sunscreens work by blocking the suns heat over your windows and reflecting it away.

Enjoy the savings but beyond this, investing in an energy efficient home will give you peace of mind, knowing that you are doing even a small part to protect the environemt. Remember that we are all in this together and we all play a part. To find out more about CC Sunscreens and if they are right for your home, call for a free consultation today.