Room Orientation and Natural Light

Room Orientation and Natural Light

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What makes a beautiful home? While home buyers may get drawn in by curb appeal and stylish layout, many are also looking for something a little less tangible: natural light. Letting in light can make a space feel open and fresh. It can create drama and enliven your home. However, having more windows doesn’t always make for better light. Your home’s orientation determines what sort of light each room will receive and how the feel of the space will change throughout the day.

That’s something to think about if your buying or renovating a home. If you live somewhere hot and bright like Arizona, you’ll especially want to think about smart orientation so your home isn’t taking in solar heat during the hottest month. Even if you can’t change the orientation of your home, you can still be smart about the sun with custom CC Sunscreens.

East Facing Windows

Light coming in from the East will light up rooms early in the day as the sun rises. Early morning sun in a bedroom can be an energizing way to start the day- or a rude wake-up call depending on how furniture is arranged. Rooms that receive eastern light also have to contend with being darker in the afternoons.

Think about when your eastern facing rooms will be in use. If they will be occupied in the afternoon or evening, you’ll want to think about lighting solutions that match the style of the space. When they aren’t getting natural light you can also offset the difference with warm and bright colors and accents in the room.

West Facing Windows

Light from the West offers clear afternoon brightness with dramatic colors and brightness as the sunsets. Rich golden and pink light can often totally saturate west-facing rooms while the sun sinks toward the horizon. Depending on the season and orientation of the room, late afternoon western light can frequently be blinding.

Again, think about when and how the room will be used in your everyday life. Cool tones and adaptable window fixtures can help balance the space when western light is at its most dramatic. For spaces that get used in the morning before the sun’s peak, crisp, inconspicuous electric lighting can help it match the morning magic of east-facing rooms.

North Facing Windows

The subtlest natural light in your home will come in from the North.  North facing windows (as long as you live in the Northern Hemisphere) will usually provide diffused light throughout the day, regardless of the season. Some people value the consistency northern light brings to a space, but it can also make an area seem colder and more shadowy.

Rooms that receive northern light often make great work spaces – kitchens, home offices or creative studios – because of the consistent and nondescript nature of the light. Light from the north creates a cool, grayish feeling in a space which can be moderated by using warm colors and materials when decorating. While light from the east and west can reach into a room, light coming into your home from the north doesn’t often have such reach.

South Facing Windows

The strongest and most persistent light in your house will almost always come from the South. For those of us living on the Northern Hemisphere, the south faces the Earth’s equator, the circumference closest to the sun. Sunlight that streams into your house from the southern windows will be bright, clear and long lasting. It can also be the source of the most solar heat gain your house takes on.

Southern light has a bright “full spectrum” quality to it. Throughout the day, light from the south intensifies color and creates a crisp, steady light. Soft tones will truly glow in a room lit from the south. The light southern windows deliver can create spatial light even in a room with a dark décor.

Like northern-facing spaces, southern light delivers strong lighting throughout the day that makes it ideal for all-day usage. Many plants thrive with light from the south, so it’s a great excuse to “green” the space. However, if you live in an area where excessive heat can produce excessive discomfort, your southern windows are going to be your first priority for restoring comfort balance to your home.

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If you’re looking for elegant solutions for your home’s light and heat, why not get in touch with CC Sunscreens? We offer stylish, custom sunscreens that work passively to save you energy and conserve your home’s natural comfort.