All About Anti-Golf Ball Screens

All About Anti-Golf Ball Screens

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At CC Sunscreens, we specialize in installing high quality window and door solar screens, patio shades and anti-golf ball screens. While most people are pretty well versed on solar screens and patio shades, many do not know what anti-golf ball screens are. Anti-golf ball screens are pretty much exactly what they sound like – screens that protect your windows and glass doors from golf ball impact damage.

Who really needs an anti-golf ball screen?

Anyone who lives within driving range of a golf course could benefit from specialized golf ball screens. In many ways, we are so fortunate to live in beautiful Arizona. One of these reasons is our world-renowned golfing, which brings golfers flocking to the valley by the thousands each and every year. Those of us lucky enough to live near a golf course know what a gorgeous backdrop the rolling green hills can create for our backyards. Although breathtaking, living near a golf course also brings about its dark side – stray balls that didn’t quite hit their mark.

Replacing a broken window from an errant golf ball can cost homeowners thousands of dollars, and even more to replace a broken sliding glass door. Not to mention, the hassle of dealing with replacing a broken window can be annoying and time consuming. Not to mention the worst-case scenario, which is when someone gets hurt due to the impact or shattered glass. Worse yet, broken glass from golf ball damage is not covered under most homeowners’ insurance plans.

How do anti-golf ball screens work?

Anti-golf ball screens are installed on the outside of glass doors and windows. They sit a few inches away from the window and are made of extremely strong polyester fiber that is able to “catch” and stop golf balls before they even have the opportunity make impact with your windows. When stray golf balls make impact with windows installed with anti-golf ball screens they simply “pop back” rather than breaking the window and potentially harming the people inside. At CC Sunscreens, our anti-golf ball screens also use the high quality PVC coated polyester that blocks either 80% or 90% of the sun’s harmful rays from heating your home or harming your family.

Who is responsible for errant golf ball damage?

The answer to this question varies slightly from state to state and situation to situation. Regardless of the state and including most situations – the outlook is usually not good for homeowners. In a recent court proceeding, a homeowner unsuccessfully attempted to make the golfer responsible for damage to his home due to an errant ball. The court denied his request, noting “persons living in organized communities must suffer some damage, and annoyance and inconvenience from each other. If one lives in the city, he must expect to suffer the dirt, smoke, noise some odors, and confusion incident to city life. So, too, one who deliberately decides to reside in the suburbs on very desirable lots and adjoining golf clubs and thus receive the social benefits and other not inconsiderable advantages of country club surroundings must accept the annoyances.” ( There are many similar cases where the court has sided with the golfer or the golf course under terms of assumed liability on the part of the homeowner.

If you live on a golf course, it is important to check with your homeowners’ insurance policy about their errant golf ball policies. Check to ensure you are covered, if you are not it might be wise to ask about the cost of adding the protection to your policy. (Or, of course, you could always just invest in anti-golf ball screens from CC Sunscreens!)

How CC Sunscreens can help

At CC Sunscreens, we are proud to be industry leaders in providing high quality window solar screens, patio shades and anti-golf ball screens. Whether you think you may be interested in one or all three of these screening options, reach out to our friendly team today. We look forward to answering all your questions and scheduling your free, no obligation, in-home consultation and quote with one of our knowledgeable specialists today. Reach out to us today to see for yourself how we have earned such a positive reputation throughout the valley for our friendly service, quality products and value.