Three Reasons to Invest in Anti Golf Ball Screens

3 Reasons to Invest in Anti-Golf Ball Screens

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3 Reasons to Invest in Anti-Golf Ball Screens


What in the world are golf ball screens?

While most readers seem to be well versed on using screens to protect their home against critters and the sun – many don’t know there are protective screens for golf balls as well! In beautiful Arizona, our fantastic year-round weather makes us a mecca for golfers from all over the world. Our beautiful golf courses make gorgeous backyard scenery, which is a leading reason many Arizonians opt to purchase homes near these lush, green, courses.

However, with beautiful golf courses come unsightly stray golf balls. If you live near a golf course, you may be all too familiar with the stress and burden of a shattered windowpane due to a runaway golf ball. Anti-golf ball screens are installed on the outside of glass doors and windows and made of extremely strong polyester which are able to “catch” and stop golf balls before they make impact with your windows.

These screens also block harmful sun rays and do not impede on your view. If that information wasn’t enough, we’ve detailed a list of the three most important reasons you should invest in anti-golf ball screens.


Protect your Family and Possessions

The first and most important reason is, of course, to protect your loved ones. It is estimated that about 40,000 people are injured from stray golf balls per year. Imagine a nice family meal in the breakfast nook being interrupted by a golf ball shattering glass on you and your family? What about the grandkids playing in the natural light of the sliding glass doors? With anti-golf ball screens, you can enjoy your home near the beautiful golf course with the satisfaction of knowing that the inevitable stray golf balls that go hand-in-hand will be stopped (or at least significantly slowed) before they have the potential to harm your windows or family.


Save Money on Replacement & Energy Costs

Did you know, that if your home was built or purchased after the golf course was built, neither the golfer nor the golf course are under any obligation for damages due to a stray golf ball? This means that under the law, you (and/or your homeowner’s insurance) are fully liable for the costs of replacing windows damaged by flyaway balls. Yikes. This can mean huge financial responsibility, especially if the ball damages larger or floor to ceiling windows popular in many Arizona homes today. According to HomeAdvisor, the estimated cost to replace an average sized window is about $500. Naturally, the larger the window, the higher the cost. Not only will anti-golf ball screens prevent the stress and financial hardship of broken window glass, they will also reduce your energy bill. It is estimated that protective sunscreens reduce the average homeowner’s energy costs by about 25% each and every month. Check and check.


Enjoy Your View How it was Meant to be Enjoyed

Some people are worried about obscured views due to the screens. The view of the beautiful course may be one of the key reasons you purchased the property in the first place – you don’t want to lose that! Luckily, our anti-golf ball screens do not obstruct your view while looking out from your home.


If you think you might be ready to protect your home from golf ball damage, call today to schedule your FREE, no obligation quote from one of our experts.


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