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The Greenest Day in the Desert

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While out wandering around great expanses of rolling desert landscape, a patch of green is often referred to as an oasis. If you are looking for a patch of green, well then, look no further than this March 17th! Search out leprechaun’s gold at the end of the rainbow and wear green in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, coming up before we know it. Originally Saint Patrick’s Day began as a feast day for Saint Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland. Today this secular celebration of Irish culture not only celebrates Irish heritage but is a chance for everyone to get into the spirit of the day. If you are wondering how to celebrate in Phoenix and the surrounding areas we have a whole list of recommendations, from parades to places to find green beer!

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade—Phoenix

For 40 years now Phoenix has celebrated the “greenest day in the desert” with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Irish Faire in downtown Phoenix Saturday, March 11. Get into the crowd to experience a full day of entertainment celebrating everything Irish from bagpipers, packs of Irish wolfhounds, Irish Whisky, Beer, Celtic steppers, the Arizona DeLorean Club, and more! When you get hungry, explore the wide array of food vendors offering Irish beers and whiskey, corned beef and cabbage, fish and chips, barbecue, and shepherd’s pie. Once your belly is full, step out to explore a wide offering of Irish jewelry and kilts, local artists and retailers’ booths. Get ready at 10 am at Third and Oak streets and travel south toward Margaret T. Hance Park, where the fair will take place from 10am to 5pm

St. Patrick’s Day Greening of the Fountain

On Saint Patrick’s Day we have an event for you and the whole family that you will remember for years to come. Once you get in the mood for green, you’ll start noticing it everywhere, especially in the desert where things are still lush before the true brunt of late spring heat comes on, turning the landscape usually tan and red. Usually the sight of green water may give you pause but on Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s a cause for celebration! If you are looking for a truly remarkable green experience, on March 17th, the Town of Fountain Hills turns its world-famous Fountain a dazzling emerald green to celebrate the holiday—a tradition which goes back as early as the 1980s. watch as the world-famous fountain turns emerald green at noon to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Saint Patrick’s Day Bar Crawls

One thing about the Irish is that we certainly make delicious whiskey and beer! If you are looking for the best places to drink in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, we have you covered. Even better, pad your stomach first with delicious traditional Irish dishes like corned beef hash, fish and chips, and cabbage stew along with your pint — or two!

Tempe St Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl

On Saint Patrick’s Day you don’t have to worry about which bars to go to if you are looking for an epic day and night of Irish food and drink. Join the celebration by purchasing a ticket to the Temple Bar Crawl. Put on green and join the crew as we enjoy everything delicious, intoxicating and everything green. By the end of the night we won’t be surprised if you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, even if you don’t remember how you got there the next morning!

CC Sunscreens

For those of Irish descent, even this time of year, the sun can be very damaging for pale skin. However, people of all degrees of melanin are susceptible to the sun’s UV rays which can cause premature aging, sunburns and skin cancer. Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen, long sleeves, and a wide brimmed hat when out during the festivities. Once you’ve returned home, consider a solution for your home patio and windows which provides coverage from 90 percent of the sun’s UV rays. CC sunscreens and patio screens allow you to protect your home and yourself from the sun while still enjoying everything about living in this beautiful dry hot climate of Phoenix and surrounding areas. Call today for a free consultation to find out how we can help protect you and your home today.