CC Sunscreens - Beat The Heat – How to Stay Cool in the Desert this Season

Beat The Heat – How to Stay Cool in the Desert this Season

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The time to think about beating the heat may have jumped a few months this year! With February temperatures hitting some record highs, it’s an early reminder that summer is just around the corner. Here are some cool ideas for any heat wave: 

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When shopping for a great summer look, take special note of what fabric its made from. When temperatures soar, light, natural fibers are going to be your best friend. They wick moisture and sweat away from the body and encourage air circulation for maximum comfort.

Cotton and linen (made from flax fiber) are classic summer fabrics for good reason. Some synthetic fibers are decent summer choices as well. Rayon, derived from plant cellulose, is a great choice for a light weight, breathable synthetic. Textiles that are linen or cotton blends will also carry some of the advantages of natural fibers.

When looking for awesome, effective summer clothes, you would also be smart to consider lightweight fabrics and loose fitting garments. Loose or draped clothing will provide better ventilation for your skin and help prevent chaffing. Additionally, go for light sun-friendly hues. White and pale colors reflect more of the sun’s rays, where darker colors absorb more light and more heat.

Cubic Feats

When the temperature starts to climb, you’ll want to keep your ice trays filled for myriad reasons. Ice is not only good for refreshing summer drinks, it can help in a snap to create some low-tech air conditioning.

For cooling down a room, an electric fan in front of a bowl of ice can really do trick. The cool temperature you get from the “phase change” of melting ice is called evaporative cooling. In a pinch, placing a bowl of water in front of a fan or other air source will also offer you some relief, especially in dry climates.

Lastly, summer’s a great time to get creative about the ice you put in your drinks! Try turning an extra pot of coffee into coffee ice cubes and then use them to make your cold brew even cooler.  If iced coffee’s not your thing, try tea-ice or lemon flavored cubes in iced tea. Add your favorite fruits, juices and spices to ice cubes destined for summer drinks. A little cayenne pepper or some fresh grated ginger released as ice melts can give a drink a refreshing kick.

The Cool of the Night

Trying to find a comfortable way to fall asleep can be hard when it’s hot. If you have a hot water bottle at home, filling it with crushed ice or ice cubes and placing it under your pillow right before you go to bed can help you handle a muggy night.

Alternately, you can toss your pillowcases and top sheet into a plastic bag and place it in the freezer for half an hour before it’s time to sleep. The cool, crisp bedding will help your body relax. 

Salad Days

Nobody wants to deal with a hot kitchen when it’s already scorching outside. Your appetite may plunge or you may find yourself relying heavily on prepared foods or takeout. Instead, shift your focus to easy-to-prepare salads, smoothies and foods with largely fresh and raw ingredients. In-season produce is at its most diverse during the warm months, so take advantage of the flavor and bounty.

If your taste palate can handle it, eating spicy foods has the counterintuitive effect of cooling a body. Hot spice raises your body’s temperature, makes you sweat and – as sweat evaporates- cools you down. It’s like turning yourself into an evaporative cooler. This is part of the reason many traditional cuisines from hot climates have long histories of incorporating spice into food. 

A Tall Drink of Water

The most valuable tip for staying healthy in the heat is to stay hydrated. It can be deceptive how much heat robs our bodies moisture, so even if you don’t feel thirsty, keep drinking water at regular intervals during a hot day. Water is necessary for our whole body to function correctly – it helps our blood flow and our joints stay supple as much as it helps move filtered toxins out of our system, so drinking water (in any weather!) is a top-notch idea. If you’re going to be doing strenuous work or exercising in the heat you can make your own electrolyte drink by mixing sugar, salt and citrus juice into your water bottle.


We all know the heat is coming, but with some everyday adjustments will be ready to enjoy it. CC Sunscreens can help you prepare your home for the warm temperatures with energy-efficient solutions.

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