Now is the Best Time to Invest in Anti Golf Ball Screens

Now is the Best Time to Invest in Anti Golf Ball Screens

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While the rest of the country is still feeling the winter chill, Arizonans are enjoying the outdoors and the temperate weather of our mild winters. Winter in Phoenix always comes with a healthy population of tourists and snowbirds, escaping the frosty part of the season. And, of course, winter also brings with it an uptick in activity around the over 200 golf courses that dot our landscape. 

Arizona is known for the beauty of its winter golf season, allowing golfers the ability to extend their playing season year-round if they choose. Out-of-state golfers often book their winter trips months in advance and tee times are at a premium. 

With so much activity, accidents happen. If you own property adjacent to a course, you’ve probably had your fair share of close calls, where errant golf balls become dangerous projectiles. Golf balls travel with a speed and hardness that can shatter even the sturdiest window glazing, turning your great views into a liability. 

Who Is Liable?

When a golf ball goes off course, many people are surprised to learn that in most cases neither the golfer nor the golf course can be held liable for damages. Most often damage is repaired out of pocket or through the owner’s homeowner insurance. While some might find this unfair, many courts consider golf ball damage a location hazard undertaken by the homeowner. 

Laws surrounding golf ball liability vary state-to-state and court outcomes show no clear pattern of liability, which is important to understand as a homeowner living near a golf course. In fact, in most jurisdictions the homeowner is entirely responsible if the home was built or purchased after the golf course was opened. The fact that you may not be compensated for damage caused by others to your property is a factor you will need to take into account. On average, window replacement costs begin at $500.

Protect Your Home

Many people choose beautiful homes near golf courses primarily for the attraction to the views of rolling, manicured landscaping. Real estate surrounding golf courses often boasts panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows and gorgeous, dramatic views. Choosing a home near a golf course should be a pleasure you get to enjoy every day rather than a hassle or strain on your budget. 

Golf balls gone astray can certainly shatter a window, and they can also harm the people and things inside your home. A high-speed golf ball can cause major injuries upon impact, not to mention flying glass and debris a broken window can entail. Crashing into personal possessions, flying golf balls can damage valuable or irreplaceable items in your home.

One way to effectively prevent damage to your home without obscuring your views is to install anti golf ball screens. Anti-golf ball screens are high-tension, high-strength scrims framed several inches out from your glass windows and doors. The reinforced polyester textile of the screen is capable of stopping the impact of an incoming golf ball before it is able to make contact with your home. Anti golf ball screens are an efficient way to make sure your home and family has constant protection from golfing accidents.

More To Enjoy

Anti golf ball screens protect your home, but they also boast several other features that improve your domestic space. Anti golf ball screens increase your privacy and reduce incoming heat and UV rays into your home making it more comfortable year-round. Instead of limiting your window, anti golf ball screens may improve your outlook by eliminating glare giving you vibrant and unobstructed views of your surroundings. 

A more comfortable home and comfort of mind? What’s not to love about anti golf ball screens? Whether you are out there hitting the links yourself, or simply enjoying the lush beauty of your nearby golf course, anti golf ball screens on your home deliver peace of mind. 

When you are ready to make anti golf ball screens a feature of your home, there’s no better experts to turn to than our team at CC Sunscreens. We specialize in custom window protection that is custom built and styled to the design of your home. Anti golf ball screens from CC Sunscreens will always offer you maximum protection from golf ball projectiles and excess heat and glare from the sun.