Ideas for Window Treatments

Ideas for Window Treatments

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When it comes to the outside of your windows, CC Sunscreens has you covered with attractive custom sunscreens that cut heat, glare and UV damage protecting your belongings and adding privacy and comfort to your home year-round. Now that you’ve got a plan for the outside – what about indoors? 

For decorating drama or understated cool, finding the right window treatments for your home’s look can really pull a room together. What’s the right choice for your home? From traditional curtains to modern shades, there’s a style of window treatment to match every vision.


Wooden shutters can bring a classic look to any room or brighten it with a pop of color. Sturdy wooden shutters in light tones can keep a room bright while blocking out much of the light. For a rustic feel with a modern edge, farmhouse shutters on a barn-door sliding track can add character to a minimal space or blend with an eclectic room.

Roman Shades

Simple and stylish, Roman shades are a single textile panel that cinches up, much like pulling up a venetian blind. Roman shades offer a sophisticated look to any room, and there’s plenty of ways to customize the look with pattern, texture or a bold print. For the less daring, solid neutrals blend right into a room and add a sense of calm.

Full Length Curtains

For big spaces or window drama, full length curtains can really tell a story. The message your curtains send all depends on the weight, color and pattern of the window treatment. Thick curtains create a formal or regal air in a room and do a great job of blocking excess light. You can lighten the look of heavy curtains by choosing a bright color or playful print. For a bohemian look, play with bold patterns and add contrasting patterned fabrics for valances and draws.

Lighter curtain materials can create a breezy, airy look in your space, while still offering some privacy and diffuse sunlight. Lightweight curtains often look best in bright and light colors and can add a sense of fresh air and space to a room.

Half Curtains

For an intriguing way to handle a window treatment, try curtains hung just over the bottom half of a window’s frame. The look creates privacy where needed – say the view into a bathroom- while the undressed top half of the window gives the room a sense of freedom and light.

Sheer Curtains

In spaces where privacy doesn’t need to be a concern sheer curtains bring a romantic and airy feeling to the rooms they are in. Paired with a heavier curtain, the wispiness of sheer curtains can create a daytime look while the heavier curtain creates an evening mood (and a little more privacy).


For adaptability, blinds really offer a lot of options for letting light in. With shifting slats that can be raised and lowered, blinds make a window flexible. For a custom style, eschew your generic-looking hardware store venetian blinds and get playful with color and material. Get a midcentury look with wooden blinds. You can add some unexpected drama to a room with deep toned vertical blinds.

Rattan Blinds

Rolled rattan blinds bring an easy tropical cool to your windows. The natural tone and texture of rattan makes for a calming shade without making a room feel too formal. Pair rattan with saturated colors or airy whites and pastels to bring a sense of joy to a room’s decor.

Creating With Color

Think of the color of your window treatments as the secret sauce for any room’s decor. If your room seems too stuffy, use a bold color curtain to bring unexpected fun back in. For sparse, minimalist spaces, a well chosen tone and texture will showcase your attention to detail. Spaces with too much light can be reigned in with deep and dark colors, while dark spaces can be brightened with lighter tones.

Playing With Pattern

Using color and pattern in your window treatments is a simple way to give any space character. From formal florals to bold modern shapes, consider how the patterns you choose will shape the look of your surroundings. For the confident designer, mixing and matching patterns in window treatments can create a whimsical air or pull together an eclectic space. 

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