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Sights to See in Arizona this Spooky Season

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Halloween is nearly here, and it can put many of us in the mood to search out bone chilling experiences. This is the time of year, some of us are willing to drive the distance to find frights that truly thrill us. If this is you, then we have a few recommendations for places to visit in the state of Arizona which will get your heart racing. Aside from offering some of the most unique natural attractions, Arizona is a historical state where many in the past have come to settle only to be met with disaster and demise. Due to the hot dry weather many of these historical landmarks have been preserved and with it comes the haunting tales which happened in days of yore. If you are looking for ghost hunting this Halloween season, we’ve got a list of terrifying places for you to visit – however, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. The Grand Hotel, Jerome
This abandoned mining town is just north of Phoenix, deep in the mountains between Prescott and Sedona. Arizona, visit The Grand Hotel. With its establishment in 1916 as a rich mining town for copper and gold, it quickly gained a reputation as the wickedest town in the west due to it’s large number of brothels, saloons, and opium dens. However, as the ore deposits ran out, the mines closed for good in 1953, and quickly the population dwindled to fewer than 100. The Grand Hotel is by far the most terrifying sight in this ghost town. Before it become the Grand Hotel in 1996, it was the United Verde Hospital. With a reputation as one of the best hospitals in Arizona at the time, in the 1920’s, it closed along with the demise of Jerome. Due to the many deaths which occurred in it’s operating room on the third floor, countless supernatural reports of ghosts from the past have become infamous. Room 32 in particular is known as particularly haunted and has been connected to the ghosts of numerous suicides off the private balcony.

2. Lost Dutchman State Park, Superstition Mountains
Just 40 miles East of Phoenix among the Superstition Mountains, this park carries with it legends of devastation and the ghosts who still seek resolution centuries later. The ancestorial land of the Apache, the tale revolves around the Peralta family from northern Mexico who settled and mined the land for gold. However, in retaliation the Apache ambushed and killed the family. In the land known today as the “Massacre Grounds” reports of ghosts of this family continue to be reported. In addition, many in pursuit of the Peralta family’s lost gold have gone missing in these haunted mountains.

3. Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff
If traveling north towards Flagstaff, visit Hotel Monte Vista off Route 66. One of the oldest hotels in Arizona, constructed in the 1920’s, this hotel boasts terrifying tales such as the “Meat Man” of room 220, the haunted rocking chair in room 305, or the “Baby in the Basement”. For those who love a good ghost story, this is a solid choice.

4. The Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix
For those looking for a local thrill the Orpheum Theatre was founded in 1929 in Downtown Phoenix. Recently restored to its full grandeur, this theatre has a haunted history which will chill you to the bone. It’s known to host at least four ghosts. While this theater still hosts shows you may be in for more than you bargained for. The most famous ghost in the theatre is a little girl named “Maddie” who many claims to be able to see or hear in the balcony. This time of year, purchase tickets for a ghost tour.

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