How to Beat the Desert Heat

How to Beat the Desert Heat

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Summer hasn’t officially even started yet and already temperatures are already averaging well over 100 degrees! For some of us, it means it is time to duck into our air-conditioned homes and not come out again until mid-September. However, for those of you who still want to get out and explore what this desert has to offer, we have some suggestions to make it a little more tolerable. 

Avoid exerting yourself outside at the height of the day

The sun is the hottest when it is most central in the sky from noon until 2 or 3 pm. While it is wise to avoid the sun at its hottest and highest during summertime to stay cool anywhere, living in the Sonoran Desert means you should take this a bit more seriously. UV intensity tends to be highest during the summer months, so this may be a great time to plan to nap or work inside instead. The best time to be out is in the early morning or in the later afternoon—plus this allows you to be more likely to catch beautiful summer sun rises and sunsets.

Dress to Stay Cool

When out in the sun you can always use sunscreen, however this must be applied every 90 minutes or so for optimal success. To stay the safest, cover the whole body in UV protective clothing. Looking into the tradition of Bedouins, it’s been noted they usually cover themselves in two layers, including a dark outer layer. Dark colored fabric offers more protection than light colors. Not only does this block out UV light but two layers allows for a refreshing breeze, as air moves between two layers of clothing.  We recommend lightweight and long-sleeved shirts and pants. Avoid fabrics with a loose or open weave. Keep in mind that while a long-sleeved denim shirt provides an SPF (sun protective factor) of about 1,700, a white t-shirt provides an SPF of about 7.

Remember to Hydrate!

We can’t stress this enough. The more you drink in extreme heat the more hydrated you will be and lower your risk of becoming overheated. Most people think dehydration is caused by a lack of water, and while that’s certainly an important component, it is also a depletion of electrolytes. Electrolytes are essential for cell health, but they are also delicious to consume by adding lemon, mint, cucumber, or fresh berries to your water for a fun flavor. If you love coconut water it’s not only refreshing but loaded with electrolytes you need to keep your body hydrated and in balance. Another trick to stay cool may surprise you. While you may be craving cool drinks many desert cultures have developed the practice of drinking hot tea on hot days to cause perspiration. Sweating lowers the body temperature as it evaporates.

Eat Salty Foods

Another way to keep your electrolytes in balance when in the desert is to eat plenty of salty snacks. When you sweat your body is at risk for the loss of mineral salts which if unregulated can lead to muscle cramps, dizzy spells, and all the classic side effects of dehydration. Salty foods may also help you to remember to keep drinking plenty of fluids.

 Protect Yourself from UV Light

When it is hot outside you may be tempted to take your clothes off, but this is the exact opposite of what you can do for the health of you and your skin. Harmful UV rays are at their worst in the height of the summer, causing premature aging and increasing the risk of skin cancer. The best way to avoid heat stroke and sun burning is to make sure to stay in the shade, where plenty of sunscreen and make sure to cover up.

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The sun’s heat is unrelentless this time of year, but this doesn’t mean you have to spend the summer hiding inside next to your air conditioning vent. If you want to enjoy your patio or backyard pool and still stay safe from the sun, then we recommend CC sunscreen patio shades. Our window screens and patio shades can block out 90 percent of the sun’s harmful rays, meaning you can stay cool and safe in the heat and get the best of the summer months in your own backyard! Contact us today to find out more.