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Home Maintenance Tips to Celebrate the Start of Spring

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Spring is finally here and now it’s time to start enjoying longer warmer days. For those of us used to living in this desert climate we know this is a great time of year to take advantage of getting out, and enjoying the surrounding nature, before the stifling heat starts to make it intolerable by May. It also is a great time to get in front of some projects which have long been put by the wayside all winter long. Rains and colder weather have many of us neglecting our home, but now it’s time to tackle these projects before it gets too hot to even consider some of these important projects to upkeep your home.

Every home requires ongoing maintenance to ensure it’s living up to its aesthetic and stays functional as well. Here is a checklist to help make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Clean Out Your Gutters

It’s a common mistake to think that just because we live in a dry climate with little rain that we don’t need gutters and don’t need to maintain them. Rain gutters are necessary because they’ll act as an added level of safety for your home, even in our dry climate. All it takes is one bad storm during monsoon season to cause serious damage to your home’s structure causing much more costly damages to the foundation of your home and welcoming in water damage. Every home should have a working gutter system. During the rainy colder months, leaf debris can accumulate in the gutters, and now that it’s getting warmer it’s a great time to get out your ladder and clean them out. No one wants to be on the roof during 100 degree plus days. March is a great time to start this project this way your gutters will be clear and ready for water to fall in time for the next monsoon season in late summer.

Inspect the roof

After the winter rains, it’s a good idea to check your roof. You never know what could have happened. Now that it’s not too hot or wet, it’s a great time to climb up and inspect your roof. While you are up there taking a moment to enjoy the view. Identifying potential problems before they can progress can save a lot of money in the long run. Some roof issues can be addressed with simple repairs you can do yourself while others may require a professional. If you spot a potential problem, don’t hesitate to address it the right way!

Replace the dryer vent

We all need to do laundry. While we know to get the driest clothes possible it’s important to clean out the dryer vent each time you load a load. However, many don’t consider how it can build up in your dryer vent. This not only causes your clothing drying to run less efficiently but it can be a fire hazard. As your drying works, it sends tiny pieces of fabric to the dryer trap, where air is constantly moving. This brings oxygen to almost every surface area of the fabric and opens the potential for excessive heat to be added to the mixture. This can become a very flammable situation, especially in the dry Arizona heat.

Upgrading your dryer vent is a great way to save energy and ensure that you can protect you and your family for the hot months coming.

Service air conditioning units

Your air conditioning unit is about to get a whole season of work, so it’s a good idea to make sure it’s running its best. Before the heat gets rolling make sure you inspect your air conditioning unit to make sure it’s working its best!

CC Sunscreens

The real heat of summer hasn’t hit yet but we know it’s coming. Even when the temperature is mild, it’s important to take note of the sun’s UV rays. Not only can it cause premature skin aging but contribute to skin cancer and wear your home very fast. This is a great time to consider window screens and patio screens to block out UV rays. Our UV rays block out 90 percent of harmful UV rays, allowing you to enjoy your own backyard safely and protect your home from heat and sun decay. To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free home estimate!