Summer Party Ideas for Your Patio

Summer Party Ideas for Your Patio

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An outdoor patio is a wonderful place to connect to the beautiful Sonoran Desert from the comfort of your backyard. With a comfortable setup, you can work, relax, and even meditate on your patio. The other excellent use of a patio is of course to entertain. Now that the days are getting hot nights are getting warm here are just a few ideas to entertain on your patio.

Hang outdoor lights

For many of us, the days are far too hot to spend too much time in the sun, however, at night, everything cools down. There is nothing like a summertime warm desert breeze on a quiet night outside. To add to the ambiance, you may consider hanging lights over your patio. Many patios have a trellis or canopy which can be a wonderful place to attach lights. For other instances it may be nice to simply hang strands of lights from the house to the fence, giving your entire patio and yard a sense of glowing shelter.

Movie night under the stars

Unlike the east where summer nights can be humid, we can enjoy the heat without the humidity and stickiness out here in the desert. We also rarely have to worry about our plans being washed out by the rain. Summer is a great time to host an outdoor movie screening. Whether it’s entertainment for the kids, the latest blockbuster, or an artistic conversation piece, a movie is a great way to bring people together under the canopy of the great outdoors. Set up seating or you can lay down blankets. It’s easy and bountiful to pop up popcorn over the stove and pass it around to all the guests. Invest in a projector so you can play the latest and greatest in cinema against a wall of your house or go DIY and hang a sheet. It’s a way to bring the inside out and create an experience that everyone will remember for years to come.

Summer evening bonfire

A fire has always been a wonderful way to bring people together. Even if it’s warm outside, people generally love to gather around a fire to tell stories, sing songs, roast marshmallows, and feel closeness with each other. Grab your smores for the kids and grownups alike. Sit back and reflect on the day you were able to enjoy with those closest to you. Many enjoy collecting kindling and firewood to slowly build their fires in fire pits or chimeneas while others can install gas fire pits so all you need to do is turn a switch to get the fire roaring. 

Grill Up a Storm!

Cooking outdoors is tons of fun whatever the season. Invest in the grill you love. Many foodies will find that a wood pellet grill will take your gourmet grilling skills to the next level.  Whether you enjoy traditional slow-cooked barbecued meat, vegetable shish kabobs, salmon fillet, decadent mouthwatering steaks, robust portabella mushrooms, or old-fashioned burgers and hot dogs, an outside grill will add a flavor to your unparalleled food. Bring people together outside with delicious cooking.

Celebrate Your Garden

You’ve worked hard on your garden. Whether you’ve been digging and planting yourself or invested in new landscaping, a great way to celebrate is to invite others over. If you’ve been working on growing your vegetables, then it may be a great time to offer some of the fruits of your labor. You can label plants by name so others can learn about your garden selections or even lead people through your garden, leaving yourself free to answer any questions about the plants that your guests may ask. Organize games, tell stories, and invite a speaker or a live performer. When you invite people over to celebrate in your outdoor space you may find that the whole garden feels that much more alive.

Set up a place to dine 

One of the best parts about the warm months is eating outside on your patio. Put a dining table outside with an umbrella for shade while others may choose to install a protective sun canopy to protect you and your furniture from harmful UV rays. If this is your route, then we at CC sunscreens are there to help. Enjoy coffee with breakfast, lazy afternoon lunch, or a fabulous sunset dinner under the protection from the sun with CC Sunscreens’ patio screens. To find out more contact us to set up a consultation today!