Preparing Your Desert Backyard Garden

Preparing Your Desert Backyard Garden

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As May sets in, we start to feel the heat we are accustomed to living out here in the desert. Many of start running our air conditioning and drawing the blinds during the hottest hours of the day. Still many came to the desert because we love the climate and heat. If you have an outdoor patio or inground pool you may be interested in a beautiful garden to bring you peace. If you didn’t grow up here, you may have grown up thinking of the desert as wide stretches of sand with light that flickers mirages in the distance. It may be a shock to discover all the color and plant life the desert has to offer. With hard work, careful preparation, and plant selection you can create a thriving garden.

Soil Preparation

Perhaps one of the biggest parts of garden preparation is making sure your soil is rich and appropriate for the plants you want to go. Soil health is plant health, though desert plants are far different than plants which grow bountifully in the east. Desert soil is typically dry and rocky with less organic matter. Investing in a soil test before hand can help you know exactly what to add to your soil to give them the advantage to thrive in the long run. Soil tests can easily be obtained online or at your local nursery or home and garden store. In almost every desert condition plants can benefit from a supplementation of  the natural soil with organic material to give your plants the best chance to thrive. If you’re not sure, bring your soil test to your local garden store and they can help sugest the best soil conditioners to try. Make sure to factor in extra rocks for drainage too as desert plants are susceptible to root rot otherwise.

Efficient Irrigation

The next stage in setting up your garden is setting up a drip system. This is best for plants not native to the area which may need more water to survive but can still thrive in the hot Arizona sun. The standard for efficient irrigation is a drip irrigation system. The parts click together like a childhood building toy and are ultimately connected to a hose bib or another location in your pluming system. A line is run to each plant you want to water and small emitters release water on a timer directly to the root base. Drip lines are essential in this climate especially if you are concerned about your water bill as they lose little water to evaporation and run-off. 

Grow Desert Natives

Plants native to the region rarely require more water than what they receive in the wild which can save on your water bill while creating a natural environment for native pollinators. Native desert plants are accustomed to the dry, hot climate, making them drought-tolerant, water wise and incredibly low maintenance. Plant staple trees such as Mesquite to cover large areas with shade, while you may enjoy Pink fairy duster which makes a great accent to your garden while attracting hummingbirds and other desert wildlife with pink or white flowers in spring, summer, and fall. Meanwhile to invest in the longevity of your garden and create an awe inspiring native focal point, sugaro cactus can live to be 200 years old, and offer inspiring white blooms which draw native bats.

CC Sunscreen Patio and Window Screens

With the right preparation, with care and patience you can have an amazing garden to help you relax, provide privacy and even aid in cooling your house, saving you on your energy bill. However, if you need further protection from the sun, try investing in CC Sunscreens patio shades and window shades. Patio shades can reduce UV absorption protecting your skin and keeping your patio furniture looking fresh. Sunscreens over your windows can reduce solar heat on your home by 80% to 90% before it even hits your window making it an excellent investment to help reduce your energy bill. A perfect pairing is a beautiful desert garden without being too hot or burned, making CC sunscreens the ideal pairing for your back yard patio garden. Call for a free consultation today.