Caring for Your Upholstery

Caring for Your Upholstery

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Your home is a place you should be both proud of and completely comfortable in. Finding the right look and feel for the decor of your home has probably meant you’ve invested in furniture. From that perfect sectional sofa to your favorite reading chair, the comfort of your furniture relies on upholstery.

Furniture and upholstery aren’t cheap, so it is important to take care of them. Fortunately, maintaining your upholstery doesn’t take much time, just a little care. Here are a few tips to keep the leathers and textiles in your home looking new.

Keep Care Instructions

Like a kid with a new toy, many of us are excited to set up and use new furniture as soon as we get it. While this is energizing, don’t lose track of the product care instructions. For most upholstered furniture, your piece will come with a tag of printed care instructions. Even if you plan to remove the care tag, take time to keep track of the recommended cleaning and maintenance instructions. Care instructions will let you know the particulars of the materials you are working with – and cleaning products to avoid that may damage your furniture.

You can create a small organized file for any tags you remove from furniture – make sure each tag is clearly labeled with the piece of furniture it is from- or you can organize digitally. Consider a photo album on your computer or phone that clearly records the care tag alongside a photo of the furniture piece. A clearly outlined spreadsheet is another way to organize the instructions if you want to get rid of furniture tags but hang onto the cleaning protocol.

Fluff and Rotate

Upholstered cushions and pillows will periodically need to be rotated and fluffed to avoid wear and tear and to look their best. Fluffing redistributes inner cushion fill and shakes up areas where it may be settling from repeated use. Without fluffing, cushions may become compressed or droopy and the seams may become stressed in areas where infill has concentrated. Regular fluffing keeps pillows and cushions conforming to their original shape.

Rotating upholstery serves a similar function. When cushions are reversible or interchangeable, periodically flip them and reposition them. Rotating cushions redistributes where they are being most heavily used and avoids excess wear in any particular area. When possible, look for sofas where all seat cushions can be rotated. Without full rotation, middle cushions on sofas tend to see less use than the ends, and wear can be uneven. 

Protect Furniture From the Sun

It is lovely and invigorating to have rooms full of natural light, but without protection, sunlight can eat away at your upholstery. The UV rays present in sunlight can fade colors and compromise the integrity of most fabrics and leather finishes. Damage caused by UV can break down fiber structure in textiles, making them brittle and easy to damage. Similarly, UV can dry out leather, causing cracking and splitting. 

Most modern windows reduce incoming UV to some degree, but furniture damage can still occur with rays that are able to penetrate, especially in rooms with big windows. Using window treatments such as blinds or curtains can add protection, but reduce your incoming light. 

When it comes to protecting furniture and upholstery from the sun, we recommend using sunscreens. Sunscreens reduce incoming UV by up to 90% which increases the energy efficiency of your home alongside keeping your furniture out of harm’s way. Sunscreens don’t reduce your ability to see out, but they do reduce the sun’s glare on your windows. Your rooms can appear bright and sunny without causing harm to your upholstery. Better still, sunscreens contribute to the privacy of your home by making it harder to see inside. 

CC Sunscreens

We know you care for your home, and here at CC Sunscreens, we pride ourselves on helping people protect what matters most. Our sunscreens are custom styled and built, easy to maintain and built to last. In addition to protecting your family and belongings from harmful UV rays, sunscreens add to your privacy and reduce your energy bills. Ready to get the most from your home? Contact us today!