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Which Patio Furniture is Best in Arizona Sun

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Which Patio Furniture is Best in Arizona Sun


What are the best and worst materials to look for when choosing outdoor furniture in Arizona? We’ve researched the most popular materials used in creating outdoor furniture and shared the pros and cons as they relate to Arizona weather specifically. Choosing the right materials, which are made to resist fading and sun damage can help to keep your backyard looking more beautiful, year after year.


Treated Wood


The Look – Wood brings a timeless beauty and special warmth to any space. It is timeless and classy, and will never go out of style. Wood furniture also looks expensive, and can bring a much needed natural element to our desert landscape.


Price Tag – Wood furniture can be relatively pricy, especially since it may need to be replaced more often than other materials.

Varied Durability – Different wood fares differently in extreme sunshine. The best wood for withstanding the Arizona sun is Teak. Red Cedar is also a good option and tends to be slightly less pricy.

Maintenance – Depending on the type of wood and how it is finished, maintenance can be a little trickier than the other available materials. You’ll need to use coasters and avoid excess moisture to prevent water spots.


Cast Aluminum


Durability – Perhaps the most durable to the elements on our list, cast aluminum furniture is an extremely popular choice of patio furniture material. It will not rust, rot or fade. Cast aluminum will last over 30 years if properly cared for.

Convenience – Cast aluminum is not only unharmed by the sun, it does not get extremely hot to the touch either, which is a huge perk for us Arizonians.

Price Tag – Although not as budget conscious as cheaper materials such as plastic, aluminum furniture is not as pricy as others such as iron or wood, and needs to be replaced much less often than other materials.


The Unknown – Be careful when shopping for cast aluminum furniture, as it varies greatly in quality. Look for good warranties to help you in your choice.


Resin Wicker


Durability – Resin wicker furniture is made out of synthetic materials which are resistant to UV rays, and will therefore refrain from fading and cracking. It is a durable and lightweight material made to repel the elements. This material also stays cool to the touch.

Maintenance – Taking care of synthetic resin wicker is simple. Spray with water and air dry. Told you it was easy!


Varied Quality – When choosing Resin Wicker, make sure to choose high-density polyethylene rather than cheaper PVC materials to ensure you enjoy the durability this product boasts. Choosing this material will also increase the cost of your patio furniture.


Recycled Plastic


Price TagPlastic furniture is great for those who are budget conscious, or like to change their look relatively frequently. Recycled plastic can carry the beauty of wood or other materials, without the price tag.

MaintenanceCleaning plastic furniture is relative easy, simply rinse it off with a hose or spot clean with a sponge if necessary. It is also resistant to water stains.


DurabilityEven high quality plastic furniture can become cracked, faded, frayed and can even break over time in our extreme sunshine. In Arizona, plastic furniture will not last as long as it may in some other parts of the country.

The Look – Some plastic furniture can look cheap or chintzy.


No matter what type of patio furniture you invest in, it will last longer if kept out of direct sunlight as often as possible. Protect your investment by keeping your beautiful furniture under a CC Sunscreens patio shade this summer.


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