Arizona Fall

What to Wear this Fall in the Desert

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November is just around the corner and for those who want to experience the desert without the extreme heat, this just may be the best time of year. While nearly every November day warms to over 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the city averages 12 days in November when the thermometer reaches into the 80s °F (over 27 °C). This means getting dressed this time of year can be confusing. There is usually at least one day in November when the temperature climbs above 90 °F (32 °C) meanwhile at night temperatures may drop to as low as 44 °F.

While this isn’t the disparity that those native to the east of the country are accustomed to this time of year it means your wardrobes needs to offer a wide degree of fashion choices for the hot days, moderate days, and cooler nights. The fashion culture of Phoenix, as a general rule chooses comfort over fashion. This means you are going to want to feel cool during the day and be ready to bundle up at night. However, staying cool in phoenix is not always strait forward. The extreme strength of the sun means it carries dangerous UV rays which can cause you to age and even develop skin cancer. Even in the heat of the sun you are going to want to opt for a light fabric with long sleeves for added sun protection along with a topical sunscreen.

Shorts Verses Pants to Keep You Cooler?

You’ll notice that most people in Phoenix are wearing shorts from May to October. However even into November there will be many warm days where shorts will come in handy. Shorts help improve air circulation across your body and legs. While less fabric means more evaporation however, that isn’t always a good thing, especially in the dry desert where you’ll be wanting to retain moisture in your body.

When you are in direct sunlight, wearing clothing shields your skin from the sun and keeps you cooler. This means that just because shorts may seem like the smart choice for staying cooler, pants aren’t going to be any warmer than shorts. This is why you may observe the majority of desert hikers wearing long sleeves and pants. However, on a cloudy day or If you are hiking under shade all day, shorts and short sleeves will be cooler.

Short Sleeves
Light cotton blend t-shirts or even linen is the best choice for circulation on hot days in Phoenix. This seems to be the most casual and popular choice. Tank tops, polo shirts, and stylish short-sleeve shirts are also popular, however, like long pants, long sleeves made of a light fabric will help reflect the light and heat, keeping you cool and protecting you from harmful UV rays when in full sun.

On the hottest days of the season, you may still want to hit the pool to cool down. Even at resort pools, it’s not necessary to sport the latest in fashionable swimwear. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable in the water—just make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen on exposed skin. A sun protection factor SPF of 30 or higher is recommended in order to make sure that you are protected from UV rays. Make sure to apply at least 15 minutes before swimming and reapply every hour or after you dry off from the pool.

Phoenix has more than 300 days of sunshine per year, so choosing sunglasses you love is going to be a cornerstone of your fashion. Especially because they rest front and center on your face. Sunglasses protect your eyes by acting as a barrier that reflects UV rays, acting as sunscreen for your eyes. Aside from providing a reprieve from the bright light of the sun, they protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful light rays. Ideally, regardless of the style and shape of sunglasses you choose, make sure they protect your eyes from at least 99% of UV rays. If you plan to spend much time lounging at the swimming pool, polarized lenses are a good idea to cut the water’s glare.

CC Sunscreens
It’s great to be dressed to protect yourself from the sun when you are out but you have to consider your exposure in the sun at home as well. Whether you are inside or out we at CC Sunscreens have solutions to protect you and and your home from 90% of harmful UV rays. Call today for a consultation.