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What to Look Out For In Arizona this November!

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November kicks off the best time of the year to get outside in Arizona, with moderate temperature which fluctuate between the upper 60s, 70s and low 80s in the greater Phoenix area. With weather this nice, you are definitely going to want to get out and experience what the amazing state of Arizona has to offer. Now that autumn in full swing, November in Arizona holds no shortage of cultural, musical, and seasonal festivities. Here is a list of some of the most exciting annual events this November.

TUCSON: All Souls Procession
On the heels of Halloween comes the All Souls Procession to start off November. Similar to Dias Los Muertos, but not quite, All Souls Weekend and Procession has been celebrated in Tucson since 1990 as a way to honor those who have come before us and now passed. To celebrate, join the two-mile procession on a destination in which collectively you burn a large urn filled with the hopes, offerings and wishes for those who have come before us and are now passed. Join others who often dress up, wear masks, paint faces, create intricate mobile art installations and tow altars, to honor and commemorate the dead. In addition to the ritual, discover art installations, altars, performers, and creative artists throughout the celebration. Whether you are mourning family, friends, pets, endangered species, fallen heroes, victims of war, or you just want to tap into the experience, schedule your trip to Tucson, this month!

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WICKENBURG: Bluegrass Festival & Fiddle Championship
Get ready for the second weekend in November with this legendary music festival which has been going now for 25 years and stronger than ever! This three-day music festival has no shortage of music. Listen as gifted fiddliest, flat-picking guitar players, banjo players and even mandolin players compete in the Four Corners championship contests, bringing together thousands of spectators from throughout the Southwest.

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WILLIAMS: Polar Express
Those who remember the classic children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg, The Polar Express, can experience it each November as it comes to life! If you are headed to the Grand Canyon this time of year, don’t miss as the Grand Canyon Railway train departs the Williams Depot transformed as the train from this classic tale. Make believe as you journey through the wilderness to the “North Pole” to Santa’s home. For anyone wanting to give an extra special gift to your children this year, bring your children as close to Santa’s wintery home as you can, while still staying in the beautiful state of Arizona.

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MESA: Mesa Arizona Temple Holiday Light Display

To really get into the Christmas spirit as we get closer to December, surround yourself in Christmas lights this November as you head out to Mesa for the Mesa Arizona Temple Holiday Light display! This impressive showing offers approximately 750,000 twinkling lights amongst a desert landscape of citrus trees, cacti and palms. Within this dense display, discover 50 life-size figures, including a Nativity scene, the Three Wise Men, and their camels and more. Listen to your favorite Christmas carols and performances to get you and your family ready for a beautiful holiday season.

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As always, we urge you to check each event’s website or social media pages before venturing out to confirm any restrictions or changes that might impact your visit!

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