Tips for Reducing Your Energy Bill in Arizona

Tips for Reducing Your Energy Bill in Arizona

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As another winter melts away from view in Central Arizona, we’re looking ahead to summer and the dreaded energy bills that come with beating the heat. The mild weather this Spring is the perfect time to assess your home and improve its efficiency. What’s the best way to slice into a beastly bill? It turns out there’s lots of little changes you can make to make your home cool and comfortable even at the height of summer.

Thermostat Do’s and Don’ts

Think of your home’s thermostat as the mission control for your summer energy bill. How you approach cooling your home can either save you big time – or add up fast. There’s one big “don’t” when it comes to summer thermostats: don’t set it and forget it. Your thermostat should be adjusted frequently to minimize usage especially when your house is empty or you are asleep. If you don’t have one already, install a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat that you can program and adjust from your phone. Reduce cooling during the night and anytime during the day you are regularly out of the house.

Remember that 80 is the magic number. When you set your AC above 80°F, each degree saves you an estimated 2-3% off your power bill. Around 84°F you’ll be saving around 10%! Conversely, cooling your home below 80°F had the opposite effect: expect to see a bump in your energy costs.

Time Your Tasks

Many of your household appliances have to work harder when it is hot outside and will heat up your home to boot. This is especially true in the kitchen. During the daytime, avoid cooking on your stove or in the oven and running the dishwasher. These appliances will simply heat up your house and make it more expensive to cool. You’ll also be using energy during the peak times of the day when your electric bill may have a premium rate.

When the munchies strike, rely on foods that don’t require cooking, like fruit and salad. Once the sun has set, use your evening time to cook and prep food for the next day. You can even unplug the coffee maker and brew a French press of cold brew overnight. Adapt this strategy to other appliances as well. Doing laundry in the early morning or at night is your best bet during the summer. A small change you can make is switching the lights in your house to led bulbs which give off bright light with only a fraction of the energy used and heat emitted from other bulbs.

Seal Your Home

Spring is a great time to check the seals in your home. If you feel a draft coming in – especially around doors and windows- sealing the gap will make sure your efforts to cool your home aren’t in vain. If you have a fireplace, be sure to shut it down for the season so cool air doesn’t escape out your chimney!

When it is time to run your air conditioner, make sure your home is closed – any open window or screen door can let cold air gush out into the heat – gone forever! Make sure your family knows when the AC is on and everyone does their part to keep doors and windows to the outside closed.

Install Sunscreens

For long-lasting passive cooling systems, it’s hard to ignore the impact installing sunscreens can have on your home. Sunscreens are durable and effective, protecting your family and belongings from UV damage and excessive heat. Here at CC Sunscreens, we build stylish custom sunscreens for any home or business application. Our sunscreens block out 90% of UV radiation as well as 48% of the sun’s heat. On average this translates to energy bill reductions of 25%!

Using no power and requiring little maintenance, sunscreens are truly one of the easiest ways to see a significant drop in your summer energy bill, year after year. Installing custom sunscreens means dropping your home’s overall temperature, making it easier to cool in extreme heat. Sunscreens also protect your furniture and belongings from fading and material damage caused by sunlight. Get ready for summer the smart way with a call to CC Sunscreens!