Tips for Building Out Your Patio

Tips for Building Out Your Patio

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If you love being outside, then it’s a great idea to invest in a patio. There are so many ways to design a patio, but how do you decide what elements are right for you? There’s a lot to consider when it comes to planning your perfect garden patio. Here are a few tips and pointers to make sure you end up with the patio of your dreams.

Identify Your Objective

First ask yourself, how you plan to use the space. Are you doing this because you like to entertain outside or want to design a private space to rest and rejuvenate? Identify the goals you have for your dream patio to ensure cohesion while keeping your budget in mind.

Planning for the perfect patio position

If you are a garden minded person, you are already considering the direction of the sun. This will dictate what plants will grow best. You can also consider privacy and sun protection. Where will the sun be when you will most likely want to use your patio? Can you optimize any views that you have, or do you want to create a private retreat? The more you plan ahead, the more satisfied you can be when the patio is completed.

Is this a private get away or a space for entertaining?

Are you planning to use this patio for a private dinner for two or do you hope to host large dinners and parties? These factors, depending on your desire, will impact the size of your design. Make sure to set aside all the space you will need. 

Creating Zones

You can separate different spaces by building separate levels. A platform for a barbeque and bar, while there is a lower level for dining, creates a dramatic dining environment. A  gazebo can create an intimate get away in a larger design. Consider the plants you use, as many are effective at creating soft and natural borders. Different kinds of stones and pavers are another way to create dramatic contrast at a low cost.

It’s all about style

Make sure you put your own personal style into your dream design. However, consider how the patio design will work with your existing house design for a style bonus. A modern patio design may stand out strangely against a more classically designed home.

Set a budget

Make sure to source your materials ahead of time and know how much everything in your design will cost. Plan in some wiggle room for unexpected costs, but the more you can plan for, the more confident you will be of getting exactly what you want.

Plan it out 

Before you start building, draw it out with a pen and paper. Measure out your space and make sure you have enough space for everything you want to put in. The furniture, the pavers and all your plants should all have a space to ensure that you don’t run out of room and avoid things from getting too crowded.

Consider Sunscreens!

There are so many reasons to invest in Sunscreens for your patio design:

  • If you live in a particularly sunny area, even if you love the sun, you are going to want some sun protection. Patio sunscreens can provide sun protection while still maintaining a view. You avoid having to wait years for plants to slowly grow in and you can maintain a constant breeze throughout the day.
  • Sunscreens also provide a respite from UV rays which cause sun burns and carcinogenic skin damage. While an umbrella only can cover a small area, a sunscreen can be rolled out to cover a large area, regardless of the sun’s angle.
  • Sunscreens can also provide privacy from neighbors when you need it. You can roll down sunscreen at night or during the day without interrupting the surrounding view.
  • Sunscreens are also an excellent wind barrier. A windy day can often interrupt dinner plans or a calming yoga practice. A roll down patio screen can help reduce the wind when you really need it!
  • Protect your patio furniture with sunscreens! The sun can really break down the integrity of your patio furniture rather quickly. Sunscreens protect from UV rays which can quickly wear your furniture.

To find out more, contact us today. We can help you make your patio dreams come true!