Sunscreens Can Help Keep Your Home Cool

Sunscreens Can Help Keep Your Home Cool

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Here at CC Sunscreens we’re proud of what we do. We provide custom sunscreen fabrication and installation for Central Arizona, and there’s no time of year like one of the hottest summers on record for showing us just how helpful sunscreens can be. 

What Are Sunscreens?

Arizona’s summer sun can be punishing, heating up your home and driving up your energy costs. While today’s homes are often very well insulated, heat can still infiltrate through glass. Fortunately, sunscreens are a solution that blocks heat from entering your home at its most vulnerable point – the windows. 

Sunscreens are specially designed screens that are mounted in front of your windows to prevent heat from entering your home. At CC Sunscreens, we use an especially durable material called Textilene to craft custom sunscreens for the needs of your home. Textilene is attractive, durable and easy to care for. Using Textilene for sunscreens means that more than 90% of UV rays are prevented from entering your home. It also blocks nearly half of the sun’s heat (48%) which can result in a big drop in your energy bills.

In addition to blocking heat, sunscreens offer other benefits as well. Sunscreens often improve the view out of windows by blocking blinding glare from the sun. While sunscreens make it easier to see out of your home, they also make it harder to see in, increasing your privacy. Our sunscreens also work to prevent damage to your home, family and belongings. By blocking most UV radiation from entering the home, your possessions are protected from fading and fraying from UV damage which can eat at or alter many materials. Sunscreens also prevent indoor skin exposure to UV harm. With such a multifaceted list of advantages it is easy to see why so many Arizona homeowners have already invested in sunscreens.

The Art of Blocking Heat

With temperatures soaring in Arizona this summer, everyone needs reliable ways to stay cool. While we are lucky enough to live amidst beautiful desert landscapes, your scenic views may also be responsible for driving up your energy costs. Gorgeous, large windows can heat up a home like a greenhouse in our summer months by trapping solar radiation within. Windows are considered to be your home’s biggest openings and while most Arizona weather is pleasant enough, our summer heat can require extensive climate control. 

Running an air conditioner throughout the summer often comes at great expense. It can seem especially challenging to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home during the day, with the cool air from an AC system or evaporative cooler almost instantly overpowered by heat penetrating the windows of your home. 

Sunscreens are especially designed to repel heat on multiple fronts. We use Textilene because it demonstrates remarkable durability and performance. While UV radiation can easily deteriorate many materials, Textilene is polyester fabric sheathed in UV-resistant PVC and woven and laminated to reflect heat and block UV rays all without restricting your view. 

Installing sunscreens over your entire home is usually the best option, but it can be especially useful for windows on the east, west and south faces of your home, where solar heat is going to be the biggest issue. By installing sunscreens many homeowners see their energy costs cut by 25% or more, which can add up to big annual savings. Sunscreens are an attractive option that works passively to help to create balanced comfort in your home for years. 

This Summer, Opt for Comfort

With a wide selection of screen colors and framing options, there is a sunscreen solution to match every style of home. Our experts at CC Sunscreens work with you to optimize the energy efficiency that sunscreens can offer your living space. If you see the advantages in sunscreens, you may also be interested in taking advantage of heat-blocking patio shades and leveling up your sliding screen doors to double as protective sunscreens. 

We offer a wide array of products and services for adding to the beauty, comfort and efficiency of your home. If the summer heat has got you sweating over your home’s energy cost, why not schedule a free quote from our experts? We promise you, you’ll love what CC Sunscreens can do for your Arizona home.