Spruce Up Your Patio for Warmer Weather Hangs

Spruce Up Your Patio for Warmer Weather Hangs

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Central Arizona is the perfect place for a patio. Our beautiful climate and copious sunshine make nearly every day a great opportunity for outdoor entertaining. What’s better still is transforming your home’s patio into a gorgeous oasis in the desert. Incorporating shade, greenery and a few key amenities, anyone can upgrade their patio game this season for great outdoor hangs!

What Makes A Patio?

If you are in the very first stages of planning a patio, you know that there are a lot of decisions to make – everything from the footprint of your new outdoor area to the material it is made from. Most patios utilize concrete, flagstone or brick construction, but other possibilities may better serve your needs. 

Concrete is a great choice for attaining a smooth and even surface, especially for poolside patios and areas directly adjacent to your house. While concrete patios with squared off edges are the easiest to construct, a more fluid, curved border can be poured with the right planning. Flagstone is another great option for patio construction – when set directly in the ground, the spaces between the stones mean that plant life and trees can thrive close to the patio without the danger of cracking.

For even more flexibility with planting options you may want to consider a gravel or sand patio design, which can also elegantly compliment a succulent or cactus garden. Gravel and sand are low maintenance and low environmental impact, although the surface may not be ideal depending on your mobility needs.

Living Decorations

One thing that easily brings a patio to life is – life!  Creating planting areas around your patio or developing a backyard container garden are great ways to beautify your space. For those with a concrete patio, remember to avoid planting trees near the patio where their strong roots can disrupt the earth and cause cracking. For a low-maintenance Southwest garden, consider a container arrangement of cacti and native succulents that are drought tolerant and come in a dramatic variety of shapes and colors. Planting a selection of culinary herbs in containers can create a patio look that is both pleasing to the eye and the mouth, and makes it easy to add some extra flavor next time you grill!

Built To Entertain

Speaking of grilling, it’s important to set up your patio to make your favorite outdoor activities easy to access. Whether you love gathering around a fire pit when the night temperature drops, or hosting friends with a summer barbeque, your patio will set the stage. Consider furniture built to withstand the desert sun – and invest in furniture covers so materials like metal don’t become too hot when not in use. 

Plan your patio with outdoor entertaining in mind. Set up an area for outdoor dining. A grilling or cooking station makes outdoor entertaining easy. It is also a good idea to create smaller arrangements of comfortable seating, for a relaxed feel. Garden areas, pools and fire pits often create alluring gathering points. 

Compliment your patio with great lighting. From casual string lights to LED table lanterns, the perfect lighting can set the stage for fun or romance or an evening to remember. Easy solar path lights make it simple to illuminate pathways and patio borders. Modern LED options can even let you create a dramatic mood or party atmosphere with bright color changing lights. 

CC Sunscreens

Once you’ve designed the patio of your dreams, you’ll want to be using it all the time! Don’t let the summer heat keep you indoors – with patio screens from CC Sunscreens, your home patio is transformed into a refuge from the sun. Our patio screens do the work of deflecting heat, shading you and your guests from extreme temperatures and glare. With patio shades enhancing your outdoor space, year-round entertaining becomes a delight. 

At CC Sunscreens, we custom design our patio shades to fit the style and needs of your outdoor space. You won’t believe what a difference patio shades can make to keeping the space and furniture cool and comfortable year round. Patio shades can protect plants from excess sunlight as well, keeping them looking their best. Ready to learn more about patio shades? Contact CC Sunscreens today!