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There are quite a few options to look into when considering methods for blocking UV rays and heat from entering your home. Two of the most common are home window tinting and solar screens. We’ve decided to take the time to discuss the similarities and differences between these two methods and their efficiency, as well as the pros and cons of solar screens versus window tinting.

Similarities of Solar Screens and Tint

1. Goals – The biggest similarity between the two methods is the goals in which they both aim to achieve. Both home solar screens (or sunscreens) and window tint (or film) aim to accomplish the same task – to block harmful UV rays from entering your home, to protect your belongings against sun-damage and to keep your home cooler.

2. Visibility
– When looking out your windows through solar screens or window tint, customers should expect a pristine view with reduced glare than if solar screens or window tint were not applied.

3. Not DIY Friendly – Like most home projects, it is possible to apply home window tint or protective solar screens to your own home. For both of these methods, however, it is recommended that a licensed professional complete the project. Hiring a professional reduces the risk of an improperly installed project.

Differences of Solar Screens and Tint

1. Installation – One key difference between the two methods is how they are installed. Solar screens are installed on the outside of the home (slightly raised from the windows – similar to regular insect screens) and window film or tint is applied directly to the window itself, on the inside of the window.

2. EfficiencySun screens are more effective at reducing heat transfer than window tint. In fact, they are often touted as the most effective sun blocking method for your home. Solar screens are installed on the outside of windows, therefore preventing heat from ever reaching your windows – thus dramatically reducing inside temperature. With window tint, the outside of your windows are exposed to 100% of the sun’s heat. Tint then attempts to keep the heat from the windows from entering the home. Another difference in efficiency is that solar screens work whether your windows are open or closed, thus allowing you to enjoy the beautiful whether while still keeping out harmful infrared and UV rays.

3. Value for money – It is estimated that the average solar screen project will pay for itself within 2-5 years. Solar screens are also estimated to reduce your energy bill by 25% each and every month. Professionally installed solar screens are also typically less expensive than professionally installed window tint. These savings, combined with government rebates ensure great value-for-money with solar screens.

4. Rebates – Currently, SRP is offering residential consumers who install protective solar screens to their windows a rebate of $.80 per square foot – which can mean thousands of dollars back in your pocket. There are no current rebate offers for home window tint in Arizona at this time.

Solar Screens Versus Tint: What is the Verdict?

When considering the differences between the products, it seems to us that protective sunscreens are the far and away winners for reasons of efficiency and value-for-money.

At CC Sunscreens, we specialize in outside solar screens for your home and patio. Because this is the method we most believe in, it’s also the method we chose when starting our business over 20 years ago – and still stand behind today. We truly believe that window screens are the better, more efficient, and more cost effective method of blocking harmful UV rays, protecting your belongings and cooling your home than window tinting. Of course there are many reputable businesses that specialize in tinting home windows, and they would most likely argue that tinting is better than window screens.

Only you can choose which method is best for you, your home, and your family. Contact our friendly team at CC Sunscreens to schedule your free, no-obligation in-home consultation to see if protective solar screens are the right choice for you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make your own verdict.

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