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Why Solar Screens or Patio Shades Will Make a Perfect Gift for your Grad

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It’s that exciting time of the year when school lets out, proud grads sport their caps and gowns, and we celebrate the special dads in our life. For us Arizonians, it’s also the time of the year that temperatures officially go from scorching to blistering. Every year, we wrack our brains to think of a useful, unique and practical gift for our dads, grandpas, husbands and brothers on Father’s Day. For purposes of this article, we focus on those special years when we also have the added celebration of (and need a gift for) a loved one marking the huge milestone of graduation.

Whether graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, J.D., or Ph. D, moving that tassel from right to left is a major accomplishment – worthy of hefty celebration. Upon graduation, many begin thinking about and planning the next steps for their lives, which could include beginning a career, starting a family and/or purchasing a home. If your graduate is already a homeowner or if purchasing or selling a home, or building a family is part of their plan, why not consider patio shades or solar screens as a graduation gift? Read below to see if solar screens or patio shades would make the perfect gift for your special grad.

Grads & Solar Screens

Solar screens are similar to insect shades in the way they are installed. They are fixed to the outside of the home’s windows and work to block 48% of the sun’s heat from even reaching the windows (and thus heating the home). This will greatly reduce the temperature in your grad’s home, and will reduce their need for constant air conditioning.

Sun screens also block 80-90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Blocking these dangerous rays will protect your grad’s hard-earned investments in their furniture, flooring, drapes and artwork by preventing unsightly fading. More importantly, blocking UV rays also protects your grad and their family from damages such as premature aging and skin cancer. On top of all this, if you gift sun shades to your graduate, you can probably guarantee you will be the only one who’s present will save them 25% off their monthly electricity bill, each and every month. These savings will be greatly appreciated by your grad with giant student loan bills!

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Grads & Patio Shades

Obviously, graduation is a time for celebration, and a time for major changes in one’s life. Whether these changes include more time with friends, starting a family, or getting married – your grad is going to need somewhere to host their loved ones. Investment in a patio shade is a great way to extend the livable space on your grad’s home. Our patio shades are made from the same high-quality PVC coated material that our sun screens are made from. Therefore, these shades not only create a blissful reprieve from the extreme outdoor heat, but also protect loved ones and patio furniture from those pesky UV rays. Imagine how excited your graduate will be to host their friends under their patio shade for a engagement party, or watch their children play outside under the protection of our quality patio shades.

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CC Sunscreens Can Help

We know that finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be a stressful situation. We also know that there is additional stress when then gift is for an event as important as a graduation. Reach out to our friendly team today. We have been in business in the valley for over 20 years, and are proud of our positive reputation for quality in customer service. We look forward to answering all your questions about patio shades and/or solar screens – whether you are simply gathering preliminary information or are ready to begin choosing a company for installation. Once ready to move forward, we are more than happy to schedule a free, no-obligation, hassle free, in-home consultation and quote with you and your graduate today.

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Hurry up, because the sooner your graduate has solar screens installed, the sooner they can start using their energy savings towards their exciting future!

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