Protect Your Furniture with Sunscreens & Patio Screens

Protect Your Furniture with Sunscreens & Patio Screens

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It’s another bright, sunny day in Central Arizona, and while we love our beautiful clear skies, all this sun can take a toll on your home. In particular, the sun’s UV rays can penetrate your home’s interior through your windows and cause damage to upholstery, artwork, wood finishes and more. While this is an issue for homeowners everywhere, the intensity and frequency your Arizona home is exposed to direct sunlight means that damage can happen far quicker and more dramatically out here than other places.

Why UV Causes Fading

Your windows can be one of the most beautiful aspects of your home, but they can also be one of the most porous. Even windows that seal your home off from rain and wind can still let in a great deal of heat and UV rays that have the potential to cause fading and damage to your home’s furnishings. 

All visible light can cause damage and fading over time but UVA and UVB rays from the sun are the primary culprits of why materials break down in sunlight. Solar heat can exacerbate the process, which happens on a molecular level. UV exposure naturally breaks down chemical bonds between molecules. Heat causes molecular activity to speed up and can therefore quicken the process of molecular changes. 

Our perception of color is caused by the spectrum of light reflected off of certain molecular alignments. Pigments and dyes, such as those used to create color on fabric, photographs and paint are all susceptible to molecular deterioration when exposed to heat and UV rays. This deterioration causes the bleaching effect of sunlight exposure and faded upholstery, home textiles and decor. 

Why Sunlight Can Damage Materials

Sunlight, specifically the combination of UV rays and the heat it directly delivers to your home doesn’t just damage your possessions through fading bright colors. That is because the molecular breakdown encouraged by sunlight doesn’t just apply to the way an object reflects color – it is a slow overall structural change that can compromise the very integrity of a material. Especially vulnerable to sunlight’s damage are plastics, textiles and wood. 

Most desert dwellers have had the experience of finding an old plastic container left out in the sun which has become as brittle as ancient parchment. This is because heat and UV rays condense the molecular structure of plastics. Plastic gets its flexibility and integrity from irregular spaces between its molecules. Sunlight exposure breaks down these arrangements and compacts them into a more efficient but much more rigid grid-like arrangement, causing the material to become distinctly brittle and vulnerable to breaking. Similar molecular changes take place in other materials when exposed to the sun, making them far more fragile.

The Solution Is Sunscreens

Your home’s windows are part of its beauty and they don’t have to pose a risk to your belongings. Fortunately, sunscreens make it easy to block heat, UV rays and protect your possessions all at once. At CC Sunscreens we specialize in designing custom durable sunscreens to match the look and feel of any home. Our sunscreens protect your home’s interior from the havoc that UV rays and heat can cause and make your belongings and decor look better, work better and last longer. 

Protecting your belongings is just one of the many benefits installing sunscreens can offer. By blocking the majority of heat from entering your home, sunscreens work passively to lower your energy costs and make your home more comfortable. Sunscreens also don’t darken a room – instead, your sunscreens let in beautiful natural light while absorbing UV rays before they reach your interior. You’ll even get a reduced glare when you look out your windows. And while sunscreens don’t restrict your view to the outside, they increase your home’s privacy by limiting what can be seen through a window from the outside. 

The advantages of sunscreens can also be applied to your outdoor entertaining spaces with patio screens from CC Sunscreens. Made from the same durable materials, patio shades offer a cool oasis outside your home and protect your outdoor furniture and decor from sun damage. Patio shades are a great solution for poolside entertaining, barbeque areas and adding comfort and style to sliding glass doorways.