Preparing Your Garden for the Desert Winter

Preparing Your Garden for the Desert Winter

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The desert climate is one of the harshest climate systems on the planet. In the United States, a lot of deserts can be found in our part of the country. Surprisingly, technology helped people to adapt to this type of climate, enabling them to live in the desert. Phoenix and Las Vegas are two of the best examples of settlements that experience a desert climate.

When you live in a desert, it does not mean that nothing could grow on it. Gardeners prefer a desert climate when planting during the fall because it is more favorable for pants. In other places, leaves start to fall off the trees, and the plants are preparing to hibernate during the winter season. However, everything looks different in the desert – the sun starts to ease its harsh rays while keeping the ground warm and moist. Underneath the desert when fall sets in, the water does not evaporate quickly. This makes plants happy and contented, and they can grow well because of the perfect climate in the desert during the fall.

If you’re a gardener here in Arizona, here are some of the things that you need to consider if you wanted to plant crops during the fall.

Clean the garden

The first thing that you need to do if you wanted to tend your garden during the fall is to clean it. Fall is the perfect season for cleaning your garden because it is no longer hot. All you need to do to clean your garden is to remove the fallen branches and leaves that are littering the ground. You can throw these away, or use it as compost to help other plants grow.

Another thing that you need to watch out for is the uncontrollable growth of weeds. You need to remove the weeds in your garden to make it look tidy. Getting rid of weeds can be a tiresome task, but you can use a lawnmower to completely remove them. However, using a lawnmower can leave the roots behind. If you have the strength and endurance to work the whole day, you can check the garden closely and remove the weeks along with their roots to stop them from growing. Weeds can be dangerous in a garden, especially if they started spreading their seeds. When spring comes, the seeds will turn into weeds, and they can overcome your garden. It will be a nuisance when the spring season comes.

Till the Garden in the Fall

Tilling your garden means that you will be digging the soil to expose the more organic ones, and to remove roots from other undesirable plants. Till all of the soil in your garden, but be careful not to remove the roots of the plants that you wished to keep. Once you completely tilled the garden, the water from your primary source will seep deep into the ground, making it moist and favorable for the plants to grow. Make sure to use a rake when tilling your garden, and dig for at least six inches to make it favorable for plant growth.

Create an advanced plan for spring and maintain your garden

After you cleaned your garden, the next thing that you should do is create an advanced plan for spring. Before the winter comes, you should idealize how your garden should look like when the spring comes. If you wanted to see flowers with bulbs, you should start planting them during the fall. There are many plants to choose from, and after you selected the right type of plant that you wanted to see in your garden, start to give it fertilizer and watch the plant grow healthy.

Fertilizers are important when tending a garden. However, opt to use organic fertilizers and not the ones that are laden with chemicals. Fertilizing the plant will yield a positive effect in the long run.

Determine the plants that will thrive on a desert climate

Plants that can thrive in a desert climate during the fall are those that are categorized as green and leafy vegetables. It includes herbs, broccoli, and spinach. In a normal climate, these plants start to die out when the frost comes in. When planted in a desert, they can cope with the lower temperatures, and will not die out because frost rarely develops in a desert climate.

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