Patio Renovation Ideas

Patio Renovation Ideas

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While most of the country is dusting off their snowblowers, winter in Phoenix is the perfect time to be thinking about hanging out on your patio. Speaking of which, could your patio go for an upgrade? From small changes in decor to major overhauls, renovating  your patio is a great way to bring new life into your outdoor space. 

Add a Fire Pit

Whether you are after an air of romance, a patio centerpiece, or just some evening warmth, creating a fire pit area on your patio is a great way to enliven your outdoor living. Fire pits come in a wide range of styles – from sleek and modern to rough and rustic- making them a dynamic upgrade for your patio, no matter your decor. In action, fire pits provide you with a place to gather, as well as outdoor heat and warmth when you need it.

Go For Comfort

We’ve seen beautiful patios go unused because the outdoor furniture was flimsy and uncomfortable. If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, be sure to style it with comfort in mind. Test outdoor furniture before buying and opt for pieces that feel great and encourage relaxation. 

For those with extra space, why not go for an outdoor daybed? Daybeds can create a private nook in your patio as well as facilitating a well-earned nap. Comfortable furniture is the first step in creating an irresistible patio.

Play With Materials

Just because you are outdoors doesn’t mean your space has to be boring. For a unique and stylish patio think about designing with durable materials like stone, tile and concrete. For a more natural look, decor that reflects your surrounding ecology helps bring the outside world in. Timeless materials like stone can be used to blend in with nature -or make a dramatic statement, it’s all yours to dream into. 

Finding furniture crafted in weatherproof materials can lead you to some interesting designs – from concrete benches to tiled fountains, look for signature moments you can add to your patio.

Install Wall Planters

Even if your patio has minimal green space, designing with plants should be part of your patio plan. One easy and low-maintenance way to accomplish this is with mounted wall planters. We’ve seen gorgeous custom designed succulent gardens as well as accomplished diy wall garden designs, so there is plenty of room to find the right fit for your patio’s style. Choose plants that are low water and can withstand sun and wind exposure for optimal results.

Plant Some Hedges

Many people have patios bordered by stark, bare walls. While serving a purpose, the walls that fence in your patio don’t have to be boring. Why not create visual interest and compliment your landscaping by adding hedges to your patio’s boundary? Hedges add a little greenery to your space, create a habitat for local birds and upkeep your yard’s privacy. 

Another option for upgrading your patio’s fence is to plant climbing shrubs like bougainvillea. With it’s vivid, distinct flowers, bougainvillea adds a pop of color and a cool, meditteranean feel to the walls it compliments.

Try a Container Garden

From dwarf trees and small shrubs to a planter of lettuces, peppers and herbs, a container garden may be just the right fit for your patio. Container gardens let you maximize the functionality of small outdoor spaces and give you some flexibility when it comes to helping your plants thrive. Using wheeled containers lets you adjust the positioning of your plants to best accommodate their light and shade needs – important in the desert’s extreme climate. Best of all, a moveable garden lets you rearrange the feel of your space with plants.

Patio Shades

Don’t forget the important finishing touch to any great patio – patio shades from CC Sunscreens! Our durable and stylish shades help reduce incoming heat and UV from the sun, making your patio comfortable year-round. 

At CC Sunscreens, we custom build your patio shades to give you maximum control and flexibility over the look and feel of your patio. Patio shades help protect you and your guests as well as the plants, furniture and decor – keeping your patio looking as great as it feels. Want to learn more? Contact us at CC Sunscreens today!