Outdoor Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

Outdoor Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

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The golden light, the sweeping views, the unique vegetation found only here, and the dry air are reasons many of us love the Sonoran Desert. Many find that a beautiful home is one in which the outdoor and the indoors relate to each other. If you love where you live then you want to feel connected to the outside here are a few tips to improve the value of your home while taking advantage of all the pleasures improved outdoor spaces can provide. 

Curb appeal is important because it is the first impression many people have when arriving at your home. Whether you want to add value to your home because you are looking to sell or you are just wanting to enjoy the home and the place you love, focusing on the outdoors of your home can add is a rewarding way to direct your energy. 

Desert Friendly Landscape

Grass lawns or stones compromise most yards out here. However, if you want to create an inviting and dynamic yard that will be accessible, lush, and enjoyable, consider the climate you live in. Grass is great in water-rich parts of the world, but out here, keeping a lawn looking green and healthy takes a lot of water, and that means lots of expense. Similarly using stones to make up your yard is water-efficient but lacks the drama of multiple levels and doesn’t provide your home any protection from the sun. 

The easiest solution for landscaping in this desert climate is to choose the plants you love that already grow out here. With minimal water, most native species once established will need little support to thrive besides annual yard clean-ups. This includes some of the most beautiful flowering shrubs and trees you may have seen only on hikes such as the saguaro cactus, barrel cactus, organ-pipe cactus, prickly pear, cholla, ocotillo, yucca, century plant, ironwood, palo verde, elephant tree, mesquite, and creosote bush. These can create privacy from neighbors and the sun while increasing curb appeal and biodiversity of native desert pollinators.

Outdoor Rooms

The best way to enjoy the outdoors is by incorporating it into your home. This could be an attached screened-in porch or a gazebo and could include an outdoor dining space, entertainment space. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of all the desert has to offer while you entertain, work, or just relax at the end of a busy day, giving you that indoor/outdoor feeling. Adding an outdoor room to your home can also boost its sales price by around 12%.

Deck or Patio

If you aren’t wanting to invest in an outdoor room, consider a patio or deck. In comparison to an outdoor room, a patio or deck is a simple add-on with great returns for the value of your home. You could add a fire pit, a dining table, or benches to enjoy the outdoors when it’s not too hot outside. 


Fencing is a game-changer when selling a home, giving potential home buyers the idea of privacy from street traffic and neighbors. It allows people the chance to feel as if they are truly having privacy, even if they live in a busy community. Privacy fencing can allow you to entertain, stretch or rest in comfort while enjoying outside. For dog owners, a fenced-in yard also gives you a respite from having to take frequent dog walks on days of inclement weather or the chance to have an at-home dog park. Fencing is not cheap but it’s an investment that often pays. According to Zillow a home valued at $200,000, which is the median home price in the US, could have a 40,000 increase with a properly landscaped fence.

Install CC Sunscreens

The desert is a hot place, so to enjoy the outdoors you must be prepared. With the installation of CC Sunscreens on your windows and over your outdoor spaces you can reduce the level of heat that hits your home by 80–90%. Sunscreens also block harmful UV rays which cause cancer and degrade your paint and the belongings inside your home. Stylish and cost-effective, CC sunscreens can reduce your cooling bill while adding curb appeal to your home and improving the usability of your outdoor space. To find out more, schedule a free home consultation today.